Grant begins the show talking about the San Francisco Giants and how they are continuing to struggle as they fight off the injury bug. Grant continues NFL training camp previews by welcoming on Green Bay Packers preseason play-by-play announcer Kevin Harlan, Raiders blogger Steve Corkran, San Francisco 49ers color analyst Tim Ryan, and New York Jets announcer Ian Eagle. Grant gives a rant on the Chicago Cubs and as always takes all your calls and text messages.

  1. Earl says:


    Top 5 reasons I turned down Niners-Cowboys tickets today.

    5. DVR, I can watch the entire game without missing a second while getting food or going to the head.
    4. I can feed my family and friends for the price of a ticket and parking
    3. HDTV, I swear the the color is better than live
    2. Language, my kids will not have to listen to idiots cuss all game
    1. I can cheer as loud as I want for the Cowboys and feel comfortable dong so. (grew up in Arlington TX)

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