Today is Janet’s birthday! Don tells us what he has planned, and Janet even has a gift for Phantom! The fire in Lincoln is out, without incident, and there’s a new food machine in the break room! Don is absolutely stoked about Adam West’s new special edition Batman DVD’s, and the guys then discuss how Steve Jobs’ resignation from Apple will affect their business.

Don then place a series of clips from radio stations around the country involving paid actors and scripted dialogue, designed to come off as “live radio.” These segments are called “War of the Roses, ” and even Ryan Seacrest uses these jive segments on his own show. They are also used on a Sacramento radio station! You’ll have to listen in to find out which one!

Don interviews comedians Jim Breuer and Kathy Griffin as well today, and talks about the Hurricane Irene approaching the east coast, before going into the Phantom news hour, caller 100, and Drew Hoffar’s happy ending.

  1. Tim Murphy says:

    Don must talk about the above link, very weird, very funny !!

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