By Kurtis Ming

Don Esco says it’s not his alarm system’s fault. He blames AT&T. And he says AT&T had no sense of urgency to get it re-connected.

“I’m here alone. If I was to have a heart attack, or fall and break something …” Don Esco fears the worst.

His medical alert button could be his lifeline. It connects to his alarm system and will call for help if he needs it.

“I’m in my 80s and I live alone. I need that medical alert system. I’ve had a quad bypass, so I’m living on borrowed time,” says Don.

But he found out after switching his AT&T service to U-verse, the installer disconnected his alarm system and medical alert button. Don got on the phone with AT&T right away. He says a technician came out saying his button and alarm system weren’t compatible with U-verse. So he asked AT&T to convert back his system to what he had, but says he was told it would take two weeks.

“They said, ‘Well if you were my grandpa, I’d have it done immediately. But the system says we can’t do it,'” Don recalls.

We got in touch with AT&T and they moved up the date. Here’s what they told us:

“AT&T’s places a high priority on providing outstanding customer service. It’s a competitive market and we appreciate customers choosing AT&T. We have corrected all issues and we are glad we now have a happy, satisfied customer. This customer did not get the high level of service we expect to deliver, and we are sorry for any inconvenience.

“These systems are compatible with U-verse and we should have made sure they were properly connected on the first visit.”

“We made sure everything was properly installed and this his ADT alarm system and his medical alert were functioning properly.”

“When we are aware of a medical concern, we will prioritize that order. U-verse is the fastest growing, most popular TV product in the country, we are hiring more technicians to install U-verse. We have plans in progress that are reducing installation intervals. Again, when we are aware of a medical concern, we will prioritize that order.”

Don says he made it clear why he needed his emergency alert reconnected right away, but was told it couldn’t be done.

His alarm and button are now working. He thinks anyone who upgrades should check their alarms.

“I’m worried about the people that do not know their system is not working,” says Don.

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