OAKDALE, Calif. (CBS13) — A therapy horse was killed after metal thieves tore down a pasture fence, allowing some of the animals to wander near a busy highway, authorities said.

An unknown number of suspects cut down a gate at the Daley Training and Learning Center, an organization that helps special needs children, allowing six horses to wander free, according to Laura Daley.

The horses traveled about a half mile from the pasture before reaching Highway 108, and all but one of the animals were able to cross the road safely. Calvin, a quarterhorse, was struck by a casino tour bus and died from his injuries. No passengers on the bus were harmed.

Daley said it would cost thousands of dollars to get another horse, but impossible to replace the good Calvin did for children. The stolen scrap metal likely only netted a couple hundred dollars for the suspects.

“He had such a good heart for the kids,” she said. “I’m angry at the blatant disregard of other people.”

Daley has set up a reward fund and online push to convince any witnesses to turn in the suspects.

“Some of the kids gave me their change, it made me cry,” she added. “The girl riding with me today did yard work, she pulled weeds to donate to Calvin’s fund.”

Comments (125)
  1. Some Jerk says:

    Pretty pathetic to insult the townspeople, Arline. You are a coward. I have a little more love for Oakdale now…

    1. Your Mother says:

      You are alone, & still dumber than a rock. If the people of Oakdale are such good people, then why did they steal resources that lead to a fatality of a horse?

      My dog leaves more inteligents in tightly wound coils on the lawn than you.

      1. ... says:

        You should really learn how to spell “intelligence” correctly before you call someone else out on theirs.

      2. SeaCay says:

        It’s intelligence, not inteligents… ask your dog, maybe he can wind you some English lessons.

      3. Proud Citizen of Oakdale says:

        Apparently you and Arline must be related, neither of you learned to keep your negativity and thoughtless comments to yourself.

        Maybe Arline will pick up those “tightly wound coils” in the yard while you spend some time with a dictionary!

      4. JCC says:

        I’d learn to spell the word first, before calling someone out on it.

      5. jerrylud says:

        several things 1] learn to spell 2] how can you blame the entire town for the actions of a few people and last but not least how do you know they were from Oakdale and not from another town?

    2. conc101 says:


  2. Fed Up says:

    Arline, you are a jerk.

  3. Michelle C. says:

    As a horse lover I am saddened. I cant even afford to own one. Come on people , Yes they are just animals and all that but have a heart . Whom ever stole the fenceing ,you are the ones who should be horse whipped. Whipped with a wet horse whip. Someone knows some thing. Speak up for the horse who could not speak for it’s self. Recyclers be on the look out. The people of Oakdale are pretty wonderful. My sister lives their.

    1. michele says:

      can’t not cant; whoever, not whomever; something not some thing; itself not it’s self; lookout not look out; and finally my sister lives there, not their.

      1. Eric says:

        It’s so nice to see that the grammar Nazi is at work.

      2. Melissa says:

        michele, you need to get laid and then read for meaning, not grammar.

  4. dragonfly says:

    They should be looking for the suspects to cash in at one of the recycling centers! I hope they find them! This is just sickening!!

    1. jack1122 says:

      They only come here for a better life, Then they destroy you and your Family .

  5. James DeAngelis says:

    Rest in peace CALVIN your work here on this planet in the physical plane is over for now,you did a good job.You will be missed as like wise i’m sure.God Bless you.

  6. bob says:

    the recycling centers do log the inventory coming in, don’t they? “Large metal fence for keeping horses away from the highway” should sound an alarm. Unless they are just as crooked as the thieves.

  7. Proud Citizen of Oakdale says:

    Apparently your mother never taught you “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything”. Your thoughtless comments wasted time and space and demeaned the story.

    I’m offended by your comments about the people of Oakdale. It’s so easy to sit there behind your computer screen slandering a town and its people and feel like its “OK” because we can’t see you.

    Why don’t you stay off the internet and spend some time with a dictionary!

    1. Proud citizen of reality says:

      Proud citizen eh? You did read the story, right?

      1. Proud Citizen of Oakdale says:

        Yes, did you? I can’t believe the direction the comments have gone on this story. Somebody (white, mexican, black, WHOEVER) stole fencing and killed a horse, someones propperty. We had thieves when the economy was good too, HELLO, the prisons have been full for YEARS!! I’m not defending the government or Obama, but c’mon people.. save your political comments for something related to them. Sheesh!

  8. Monica Dykzeul says:

    Calvin and others like him are invaluable resources to people with special needs. RIP Calvin ❤

  9. jack1122 says:

    Another reason to sit at the Mexico border with a sniper rifle.

    1. tmbttd says:

      Yeah, Mexico would be a good place to sit with our cannons of every callibre. But, fool, there are people woo’ve never left Kansas City, Omaha, Chicago, New Orleans, wherever, who will steal the shoes off your feet if they can make a buck.

      So, everyone is supposed to become a vigilante? My nieghborhood watch has done more to deter criminal activities with baseball bats, slashed tires on get-away-cars, even a few broken hands. Oh, and attorney Green in Brownsville, what was that you called me again?

      1. Bob says:

        Yep, illegal Mexicans are everywhere in every state.

      2. conc101 says:

        but there are plenty of trailer trash too, to be fair. I wish I had an easy button, or fast forward to get to the end of this world. I’m sick of it. ‘Even so, come Lord Jesus’.

      3. conc101 says:

        bring our troops home, send all our armor 150-200 miles into mexico. Take back all the automatic weapons and create a buffer zone for growing feces free produce. Problem solved, next!

  10. JCC says:

    Arline, you are a major jerk! I’ve spent time to get to know people from a variety of areas because of business and Oakdale people are very descent giving of themselves. In comparsion to some of the other cities and towns it’s one that has a sense of community, something people like you would not understand. This story is more than about a loss of a beloved horse who has helped so many children it’s about hte growing crime of metal theft, something that needs to be addressed because it’s becoming a real problem between the copper and iron theft there is real damage being done. So Arline do something positive as you set behind your screen hiding from the world being an a……, write about this problem. But I guess it’s more about being a trolle, isn’t?

  11. Mark Matis says:

    bob nailed it. And jack1122 has the right idea. But don’t expect “Law Enforcement” to go along with that, especially in Mexifornia. Moonbat rules!

  12. maryJo says:

    The thieves werent mexicans. They dont need to come up here to steal some metal. They can stay down there and wait for obama and holder to send it down there in the form of AK47s.

  13. Robert s says:

    Punishment for the thieves might be dropping them blindfolded and handcuffed onto the interstate during rush hour.

  14. DcS says:

    guys, there’s these things called cars. people travel in them. Maayyybeee these thieves traveled (in their cars) to the farm, stole what they stole, and bounced to their town? here’s the key component to this article; Unknown suspects.

    Those who are judging the people of Oakdale based on this incident are just d-bags who make immediate assumptions about things they read about. Losers is what I like to call them.

    1. DcS says:

      Same goes for the ones who are saying they’re Mexican. Racists.

      1. Rodger Barker says:

        Thats because they are Mexican. Only ones too stupid to rip-off a steel fence worth 10 cents a pound and the only Racists are Democrate that force Mexicans on you to rape murder and kill Americans! reguardless of where their from. Round them up and get rid of them.

      2. sean patriot says:


    2. conc101 says:

      the Busy Bee used to be a great place for breakfast on our way to Knight’s Ferry. Hopefully they don’t have wi-fi. There are enogh goofy people at home logging in at home, can I get a witness?

      1. conc101 says:

        please allow myself to…introduce myself. rofl!

  15. jerrykregle says:

    I just wish we as humans can do what wild animals do what comes naturally
    KI LL their predators

    1. conc101 says:

      C-I-L-L, Kill!

  16. thegoat1970 says:

    R.I.P Calvin… we will miss u…

  17. Rodger Barker says:

    Fence is made of steel. Only Jerry Brown”s beloved criminal Mexicans are that stupid to do this. Get rid of them. Democrats are using them to distroy this country get rid of them.

  18. will.e. says:

    Welcome to Obamaville.

  19. la migra says:

    no doubt an illegal alien from mexico who probably worked in the area. illegals have destroyed california, this is what happens when you hire mexicans.

    fools…hope it was worth it.

  20. Florence says:

    Could someone enlighten us to how we could assist in some way? We live in Austin, TEXAS and would like to be able to help in whatever they decide to do?

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