By Kurtis Ming

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — There’s usually a story behind the cars that show up at the Anderson Bros. Auto Body Shop.

“It’s always interesting to watch the news the night before and watch the car come in on a tow truck the next morning,” said Troy Anderson whose family has been running the business for 35 years.

He says oxidized headlights can cut down on your visibility at night. It could cost as much as $150 a light to have them professionally restored.

The Fast Brite commercial says you just wipe on and wipe off with their formula. In as little as thirty seconds, the haze will turn crystal clear it claims. Troy tries it on a Corolla with oxidized lights. It’s a two step process. First you put a dime size amount of polish on the yellow side of the supplied. Rubbing in a circular motion over the light, it does start to clear up.

“It does feel like it did clean off some of the corrosion and oxidation off the lamp,” he said.

Step two is to flip the sponge and apply the protector liquid. The light is noticeably clearer, but he realizes it doesn’t get rid of everything. He says the lights are so badly damaged from the sun, it’s impossibly to make them showroom new or crystal clear like the commercial claims. It does make the headlights brighter however, and he thinks it did a decent job.

We paid $10 and bought Fast Brite online.

  1. nonews says:

    why the f— are they passing off commercials as news?

    I hate CBS-Sacramento’s news feed and am going to remove it from my yahoo page!

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