FRESNO (AP) — California’s plum growers are receiving a boost from the federal government, which is purchasing $26 million worth of prunes for food banks and nutrition programs.

The purchase is part of a federal program that helps protect U.S. farmers who grow highly nutritional products from lower-priced foreign imports.

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack on Tuesday announced the purchase from California growers stuck with a glut of almost 25 tons of fruit this year.

Donn Zea, executive director of the California Dried Plum Board, praised the move and said it’ll be helpful to farmers.

The order is more than double the USDA’s purchase of $11.7 million worth of plums last year.

Prunes are made from dried French D’Agen plums. California grows 99 percent of the U.S. supply.

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Comments (18)
  1. whyme says:

    Talk about being regular…

  2. JN says:

    That’s the number two story of the day. “Run” to the food bank to get your prunes, people! Okay that’s all I’ve got.

    1. Rick Williams says:

      Thanks for making my day, JN. LOL. Classic!

  3. Peanut says:

    $3 Million went missing somewhere in this story……..

  4. Barveheart Burns says:

    Darn, I was hoping iit would be for the Federal legislative lunch room . I mean if there ever was a blockage it is there. I hope the California legislative lunch room gets a good supply as well.

  5. r. sanchese says:

    I was hoping the feds would shove them up their Asssssssss

  6. termite says:

    Why don’t they send the prunes to the politicians In Washington, D.C. because the need to flush out their bowls , its backing up and getting us in all kinds of S—t.. Poor people don’t need prunes they need , jobs .
    My theory is that the politicians want to keep them happy , because if they have diarrhea from so many prunes that they will only complain of the diarrhea and not
    the politicians.

  7. termite says:

    Yes Only in America , can we vote for politicians that think with their heads up where the prunes should go , or come out? And now they say they can’t live on their pay and want a raise , no raises , more prunes . I know the farmers are glad for the order , but they will also get some of the prune fallout later in the form of more s–t.

  8. JJ says:

    25 tons works out to 500,000 pounds. $27 million divided by 500,000 is $52 a pound. Here I thought prunes sold for about $4.00 a pound in the store. Then maybe I just can’t multiply and divide 🙂

  9. JJ says:

    See there I was so over whelmed I did figure wrong. 25 tons=50,000 lbs. Let’s see now that works out to $27,000,000 by 50,000, dang $540 a pound. What the hell is going on here. Someone please explain this payment for keep you regular prunes.

  10. Dave Herson says:

    25T doesn’t seem like a large surplus and the writer lost 3M somewhere.

  11. JJ says:

    I just posted to face book and saw it was 29 million in the headline and 27 million in the article. Price may have just gone up. And no 25T is not a lot but this is what goes on all the time.

    1. TheJudgeT says:

      Not supportive of subsidies nor sloppy reporting, but nothing says that the 25T is what is being purchased for the $26M, $29M, $27M.

  12. concernedcitizen says:

    I have an Apricot tree in the backyard – if I dry them will the government buy them from me for over $500 per lb?

  13. JJ says:

    Driving home I realized where the saying came from “He spends money like it is growing on trees! Well hell it apparently is.

  14. kevinb says:

    ($26,000,000)/(50,000lbs) = 520 $/lb

    Yep, 520 bucks per pound. Kind of like a million dollar toilet seat on the space shuttle. Someone’s buddy has a friend who is a politician. Got insolvency?

  15. TheJudgeT says:

    Not supportive of subsidies nor sloppy reporting here, but nothing says that the 25T is what is being purchased for the $26M, $29M, $27M. I am supportive of the humorous prune puns….keep them coming

  16. JJ says:

    keep them coming, it will with that many prunes it can’t but keep coming or is that going. It does not say exactly what the money is for. I rather see the grower just UPS the prunes to the food banks or post where we can buy them and order at the regular retail prince. I guess everyone knows the US government does not have its own money. It’s all our tax dollars they throw around but apparently not many care.

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