MARYSVILLE (CBS13) — The discovery of a pair of murdered family pets has grown into a significantly more disturbing criminal case after residents found a total of five dogs dead in the same part of Yuba County, authorities said.

The Boatright family said their two dogs, a Chihuahua named Mabel and a Weimeraner named Darby, were found “executed.” Yuba County Animal Control officers discovered the dogs in early August, just a few days after they slipped out of an open door at the family home.

“They were shot in the back of the head and placed on the railroad tracks,” said Ian Boatright.

Members of the family decided to search the area and found a total of three other dead dogs nearby. All five of the dogs were found within a half-mile radius of the family’s home and were also found between the rails of the train tracks.

Investigators were unable to determine the cause of death for the other three dogs.

Yuba County Sheriff’s Deputies have begun investigating the case and said they don’t have any immediate suspects, but hope to quickly narrow down persons of interest in the case with tips from residents.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department.

Comments (5)
  1. John Doe says:

    Serial killer checklist:
    1. kill animals…check
    2. kill people…

  2. human says:

    There are about 50,000 people I’d suspect in Marysville…

  3. Sillydog says:

    Hopefully they take this seriously…………this is the making of a Serial killer. Probably a teenager, who will move onto people. I’d be checking out anyone living in that neighborhood where the dogs came from, if they can catch them early it….this may save many lives in the future.

  4. Mace says:

    This is a two way street. People need to show respect for their neighbors, if they’re pet owners. Neighbors should NOT be vindictive, if their neighbors pet is unruly. Law enforcement needs to step in and take matter over.

  5. Frank Discussion says:

    I wish he’d get my neighbor’s dog.

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