OAKDALE (CBS13) — A woman is in serious condition Wednesday after she was run over by a train in Oakdale on Tuesday night, according to police.

Oakdale police officers responded to the ConAgra parking lot shortly before 10:30 p.m. and found a 55-year-old Modesto woman trapped under the train with major injuries to her legs.

Witnesses told police that the woman appeared to not have seen the train as she was crossing the rail road tracks which run through the ConAgra parking lot.

Witness stated the train was traveling very slowly and that the female nearly made it across the tracks when the corner of the train struck her and pulled her under the train.

The victim was transported to Memorial Hospital where she was in critical condition. Police did not immediately release the woman’s name.

Comments (8)
  1. donatello says:

    How in hell do you NOT see a train? Oh right! Texting on the phone? Or out in the zone when chatting on the phone? Or just stupid enough to think you can out run one? Damn that’s a Darwin Award winner in the news every day it seems. No wonder the world is going to hell faster these days. Yes Darwin you were right its a planet of apes. We are dumb apes. And NO you were wrong we are NOT evolving into something better.

    1. Lisa Dorman says:

      She will sue and win! Mark my words! I agree How the hell do you NOT see a train?

  2. gregfusi says:

    May God help this lady to recover

    1. Tina Hamilton says:

      Amen to that, poor woman 😦

  3. jim says:

    ever hear of stop look and listen at train tracks ….. what do you want to bet a cell phone was involved

  4. Selmers says:

    HAHAAH! Seriously! Darwin award here! Its not like a train swerves or anything. MORON!

  5. Victim's family says:

    I am her daughter… she was not on the phone and if you knew the whole story or it was your mom in the hospital, you would feel differently

  6. Cami says:

    I know peole that work there and one of the witnesses said she was not on the phone or texting they tryed to pull her back and she pulled away and kept walking. Eitehr way there are lots of camers there and police will be able to see what happened.

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