SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The body of a woman was found in a ditch in south Sacramento this morning and foul play is suspected, according to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.

The body was discovered lying in a ditch along Highway 99 and Florin Road. A witness said that while walking to work after his bike got a flat, he saw the woman lying motionless in the embankment and landscaped area at westbound Florin Road to the southbound Highway 99 off-ramp. He went to a nearby doughnut shop and called 911.

Sheriff’s deputies arrived at about 7 a.m. along with paramedics, who pronounced the woman deceased at the scene. They don’t believe her body had been there long.

The woman was described as dark-skinned but her identity and age have not been released.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call the Sheriff’s Department at (916) 874-5115, Crime Alert at (916) 443-HELP, or send a text message tip to 274637 (CRIMES) and enter SACTIP followed by the tip information. Callers can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000.

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  1. thisonesforyou says:

    There is nothing we can do, when an economy begins to buckle and jobs are scarce then crime increases, this is a statistical fact. Crimes of theft, burglary, drug dealing,home invasions, and even murder increase. Until our economy turns around there is little we can do except to protect ourselves. The economy will not turn around anytime soon. The police can only do so much. Things will get worse before they even begin to get better.

    1. Joan says:

      excuses, excuses…..ha!

  2. Mace says:

    One thing I know for sure is the county coroner will find the cause of death. People need to minimize their daily where abouts. Stop driving late at nite, stop making excuses to be out at nite. Learn to do things in doors. Sad but true. I’ve been doing this for years. I have no life outside of work, gym and grocery store. People are crazy, it just the sign of times. U can’t even have a conversation without craziness. Mind ur business, and learn to stay to urself. Most will think, I’m not doing this. All I can say end up dead, robbed or beaten…if u don’t change ur ways This is a very economy and getting worse. Leave these dummies alone.

  3. Ready for a Change says:

    I agree with the first poster. We have got to try to do something to make things better in our neighborhoods. Just the other day, a 10 year old girl was shot in her own front yard… And for what? A 10 year old girl. My God, how can we just all stand by and say, “well, it’s the economy.” That’s a cop-out. No disrespect intended.

    This starts in the home. Everyone’s home. I do agree with “Mace” on staying in at night. We need to go back in time and start closing up shop at dinner time, go home to the family, and have a home cooked meal at the dinner table with the family as a whole and stay in for the evening. Everything is closed on Sunday’s. The B.B.Q. is smoking, the kids are fishing and we all live in a nice quiet simple life. Making friends with the Neighbors. Throwing Block Parties, getting to know everyone. And looking out for one another.

    That’s the way it should be. Not being closed up in your home like a prisoner. Whatever happened to the Neighborhood Watch Groups? The Green Beret’s? Or, the Red Beret’s for that matter?. I’ll help pitch in and clean up our neighborhoods. You bet I will. And, we need to start by keeping our children at home from dinner time on through the night. Know what our children are doing, and with whom, they are doing it with.

    Count me in.

  4. Omish or Bust says:

    That’s it, i’m checking out the Omish Lifestyle.

    I am done with this.

  5. How Sad says:

    Man Arrested For Raping Teen In Lake County (CBS Sacramento)
    11-Year-Old Girl Gang Raped In California Park Bathroom (CBS Sacramento)
    Woman’s Throat Slashed In Violent Mugging (CBS Sacramento)
    Two Bodies Found In South Sacramento Home.

    These are just some of the Headlines on this page.

    That’s enough to make me sick. And, that’s just today.

  6. timatoe says:

    Didn’t they find the body of another woman in a ditch along this same stretch of road a few months back?

    Maybe we’ve got something a little more sinister going on here.

  7. Mariska Brinkley says:

    I drove past there this morning and did not realize it was a crime scene until I was exiting HWY 99 at Florin Road. My mother and I actually seen that woman’s body laying there in the embankment. All my mother could do is start praying. It is unfortunate that she is deacesed. I am praying for her soul to rest in peace, her family and if she was a victim of a violent crime that those who are responsible to be brought to justice.


  8. Someguyinsac says:

    I believe I have a solution. Allow us to marry our dogs. I am President of the California Chapter of the Guys Who Want To Marry Their Dogs Kennel Klub. I beliwve legalizing dog to human marriage will stimulate the economy and eliminate crime.

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