Jason Ross filled in on the Grant Napear Show today. With the college football season getting underway that was a big topic of discussion today. Jason took calls about college football, and why college football isn’t as popular in Sacramento as it is in other places in the country. A special appearance was made by Mini Grant. Jason also interviewed Chris Landry, Michael Fabiano, Marshall Sperbeck, Bob Biggs, and Arik Armstead.

Chris Landry of Fox Sports radio was on today with Jason to talk about football. They first talked about the 49ers and how their struggles on offense will prevent the 49ers from winning the NFC West this season. Then they covered the Raiders, and Chris talked about Terrelle Pryor and his future with the team. Following that was a discussion about the bevy of big contracts signed in the NFL over the past week. They talked briefly about Peyton Manning and his injury, and finished with a quick preview of the Oregon and LSU game on Saturday.

Michael Fabiano from NFL Network joined Jason to talk fantasy football. They discussed Arian Foster and Chris Johnson and who is more valuable. Then Michael answered questions from callers and texters regarding fantasy football, since many people have their fantasy drafts this weekend. Another player of focus was Roddy White, and Michael also covered the strategy of handcuffing running backs in fantasy drafts.

Sacramento State head football coach Marshall Sperbeck was on with Jason to talk about the Hornets upcoming season. Coach Sperbeck discussed how he has built the team over his first 5 seasons with Sacramento State. He talked about bright spots on offense and defense, as well as how the team stacks up against the rest of college football.

UC Davis head football coach Bob Biggs was on with Jason during today’s show. Coach Biggs talked about how his team has gotten better in the off season and how their experience will benefit them this season. Biggs then talked about how UC Davis quarterback Randy Wright and his experience are going to help the Aggies improve on last season. Finally, Jason and Coach Biggs talked about UC Davis and others in the Great West conference entering the Big Sky for the 2012 season.

Arik Armstead, a top recruit from Pleasant Grove High School came on to talk with Jason today. Armstead talked about dealing with the distractions of being a top recruit and being verbally committed to the University of Southern California. Next he discussed his preference of playing defensive line over offensive line. Armstead, a talented basketball player as well, talked about potentially playing both football and basketball at USC. Finally, Arik talked about his family and his brother who currently plays football at USC, and how his brother and father have been highly positive influences in his life.


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