MODESTO (CBS13) – The suspect in a high speed chase in Stanislaus County is in the hospital after he was shot in the head by police.

Just after midnight Monday a police officer was on patrol near Mellis Park in Modesto when he heard several shots and saw a truck speeding away. Police tried to stop the truck, but the driver refused, leading them on a pursuit on Highway 99 to Turlock and back, according to Modesto Police Lieutenant Rick Armendariz.

The chase proceeded onto Tuolumne Boulevard where the suspect allegedly rammed a police car. Officers used a PIT maneuver forcing the car to stop.

When the suspect refused to surrender three officers fired at the suspect, hitting him in the head. He was taken to the hospital where he is currently listed in stable condition.

The officers who fired have been placed on paid administrative leave pending the investigation.

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  1. The Blogger says:

    When will people learn?

    Everyday violence is happening…. For what?

    1. Osama Hangaminichad says:

      Looks like another POS racist comment. Not worth the time to read it.

  2. Andy Meckler says:

    Can you get good reporting where they do not say Uhh so many times?

  3. Laurie209 says:

    In general, but not necessarily in this case, I find it fishy that every time Modesto PD has a pursuit where a suspect is killed, the reason the police give is that the suspect tried to ram a police car. What?TheI idea, one would think, would to be to get away from the area, not back up,.ram a police car and take the chance of disabling the suspect vehicle. This seems to be MPD’s way of justifying their extreme amount of shootings.
    Does a burglary suspect deserve to die? Does a speeder deserve to die? When looking at the crime, isn’t it better to give up the chase, save innocent lives and take the criminal in to custody at a later time?) (the police have the car description and license number) Burglary and driving over the speed limit are not a death penalty offense, but MPD treats it as if it is. Their own brand of law enforcement is frightening.

    1. kpeters says:

      I agree with your logic…however, it is always easy the next day to determine right course of action. If you read the report, the police officers heard gun shots, which is what triggered the chase, the assumption would have to be that this person was shooting at someone. Car description and license number? and if it was stolen? And what if this person snapped and was going on a killing spree? What if this morning we awoke to 15 people dead by the hands of this person and the police decided not to pursue after the 1st person was shot? There would be huge backlash. Police officers are just people too, doing the best job they can in very stressful situations. Are there bad cops? Absolutely, but there are “bad” everything…that’s just how it is.

      1. JHM says:

        Responding to kpeter’s WHAT IF”s:
        And what if the moon is made of cream cheese afterall?

        “Raming a police car” during a “pit manuver’ is hardly an unexpected event, nor an indicator that someone trying to kill a police person.”

        Illegal discharge of a firearm (within city limits) assuming that is something that the suspect actually did, is also not a capital offence.

        It is hard to imagine how this was anything other that a “contempte of cop” killing.

    2. rmcsticks says:

      Laurie: your daughter was just hit in a crosswalk by a person driving a stollen car that MPD decided to get at a later date ….. Are you mad yet, do you want to see this guy dead yet ? This is why we dont let people like you run our city and town police dept. nobody asked this guy to steal the car so we dont care what happens to him… its sad that he might live to do this again……I hope nothing ever happens to your kids by the way…

      1. laurie209 says:

        My comment is not about a stolen care, or a child being struck by a car. There are lots of scerios one could imagine. My comment was about the excessive shootings by MPD using the same excuse over and over, when the crime doesn’t warrant their actions. It is becoming harder and harder to believe MPD’s account of what actually happened.

  4. Chris Markel says:

    but this is a police state and modesto is the capital city in the valley..

  5. PHIL says:

    So, I can rob banks, burglarize peoples homes, rape whom ever, molest children, steal cars etc and know that all I have to do is run away or speed off and not worry about being chased or getting caught. HURRAY!! What a great break for us thugs, rapists and thieves. lets see, first I steal your car or truck so they will come to your home and arrest you. They have your license number and car description, right?

    Obviously you or a loved one, say your 8 year old daughter, have never been a victim of a robbery, rape or other crime for which there is not the death penalty. You would have a much different opinion about the hard working police who put their lives at risk to protect the good guys and a VERY different opinion as to what should happen to the likes of me.

    1. Laurie209 says:

      Phil, come on. I am not talking about rapes, or robbery which is taking from someone using a threat, I am talking about crimes such as burglary where a house is broken into and items taken with no threat to an owner who is not at home, and stealing cars which is wrong,(I’ve had a car stolen) but not a reason to shoot the stealer. My questioning is the extreme use of guns and killings by the MPD for such crimes where these actions aren’t usually taken by other departments.

      1. John Sacramento says:

        Regardless of the crime that the person being chased is suspected of committing, the police can only legally shoot if a reasonable person in the same situation would fear for their life. In this case based on a photograph of he vehicle at the scene of the shooting it was against a tree with the driver’s door blocked by the tree and presumably the other door blocked by the police car that pushed it against the tree. According to an eye witness account, the police fired almost immediately once the vehicle and the driver in it were a stationary target.

  6. Eddddy says:

    good for the cops. be stuped and run and get shot.

    1. Laurie209 says:

      Edddy, your comment floors me. It’s “stupid” not “stuped”.

  7. Tony says:

    I was on the highway 99 last night and they all passed me. I thought they were escorting a politician or something cuz there were over 30-50 police and CHP and Sherrifs pulling everyone over or blocking Highway entrances and not allowing people to get on the HWY to follow and they were going pretty fast. There was a helicopter above too but we got off by the Double Tree so he must have gotten off just after. Wow, I’ve never seen a chase involving that many cops, CHP, Sherrifs and undercover cars. I was telling my buddy it was just probably the Governer or someone important cuz Ive seen that many CHPs escort big time people. WOW. Whole time it was a chase. Crazy!

  8. JHM says:

    An eye witness to the conclusion of the chase said that he saw a police vehicle use what the witness referred to as a “pit maneuver” pin the vehicle being chased against a tree followed by an almost immediate volley of shots.

    This would seem to mean that when the police were using the words “refused to surrender” they were referring to the fact that the person they shot led them on a chase, not that he refused to surrender {get out of his vehicle, if he was able to do so) after it had been pinned.

    Thus, in this case “refused to surrender” would seem to been in reference to the fact of the chase which is a rather expansive use of that excuse for an (intended) killing.

  9. JHM says:

    It isn’t clear from the new account whether Modesto Police Lieutenant Rick Armendariz.was speaking a as a supervisor who had been involved in the chase or whether he was measly the PR person. A police PR person without direct knowledge can spin the events and only be “mistaken” if the facts are later found to be otherwise.

  10. rmcsticks says:

    Laurie209 : maybe it’s because the same crimes are happening over and over and your just not paying att. to the news… go do a ride a long with the cops and see what they have to go through ever night ……..Are the cops shooting at you ? could this be because your not breaking the law ? Just saying

  11. laurie209 says:

    What does this have to do with my statements. You are missing my point. It doesn’t matter what they have to put up with. This is their chosen profession. When one takes on this job, they should know how to conduct themselves properly and not a bunch of out of control shooters with a badge.
    I don’t think that you have seen other PD’s in action. You would be amazed by the good decisions that an officer can make and the high standard of professionalism on the job.

  12. rmcsticks says:

    Laurie you live in a dream world…. go back to sleep….. good night… the world will be perfict when you get up..

  13. J says:

    I agree a bit with Laurie and a bit with others. You can’t just let the suspect get away when shots have been fired. The asumption should be that the bullets were intended for someone and suspect should be pursued; however, if the eye witness is correct and police shot almost immediately after the truck was pinned then questions arise. Perhaps MPD is a bit trigger happy and needs to go back to kindergarten and learn that you don’t push a man when he’s already down. God will be the judge!

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