Today on the Don Geronimo show, Don starts the show off by doing something he has never done in the mornings… he opens up the text line! Don then announces Eddie Murphy will be hosting the Oscars…leading to Don opening up the bet book as Dave and Don make yet another bet. Don says Eddie will bomb while Dave predicts a he’ll be a huge success. With Eddie hosting the Oscars, Dave asks if he’s the first black person to ever host the Oscars…which the answer of course is no thanks to Whoopi Goldberg among others. Don, Dave and Phantom then have fun listing off all of Whoopi’s movies, most of which not too good.

Don continues to have fun with the texters, reading many unflattering texts about Dave and his smoking. Don then announces Drew has quit smoking, leading Dave to call him a quitter and Drew and Dave open up the bet book 1 more time! Dave predicts Drew will smoke again, Drew swears he won’t. If Drew loses the bet, Madison Avenue and the good folk at CBS radio will see a little more of Hoff Daddy then ever before! Don then opens up the phone line and takes Super Bowl predictions from the listeners and gives us his big game pick as we get ready for the start of the NFL season. He keeps the phone lines open as the guys jump into another awesome edition of “Match Game 2011!”

Shortly after Match Game, Don discovers a song by Adam West, aka “Batman” called Miranda…which becomes an instant classic. Miranda inspires Don to play other Batman songs from the Riddler and Robin to the Penguin laugh and of course Don playing the famous pug who sings “Batman”. Phantom keeps the infotainment going with his news hour that included stories of Regis announcing his last day to Manny Pacquiao singing Sometimes When We Touch with Dan Hill. Plus we find out who sounds more drunk, Anna Nicole Smith or Don Geronimo on delay.


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