Today, Don tells us what it was like to be at his house watching the Packers/Saints game last night, especially during the last 2 minutes of the game. We also get a visit from NFL Today’s James Brown, who will be a weekly visitor of the show during the football season. Don and James talk the Packer game last night, and the upcoming games this weekend. We also hear about the post-show conversation Joe and Don had while setting up their fantasy football teams.

Don shifts gears for a moment, and gets serious, as he addresses an email he got from a loyal listener, who just recently lost his daughter. Don offers up some heartfelt advice, sharing some of the experiences and emotions he had in dealing with the passing of his wife, Freda. Don tells the listener to continue living his life, but always be honest with yourself when dealing with such a loss.

The guys return to funny, with a visit from comedian Frank Caliendo. Frank stops in to promote his show at the Silver Legacy in Reno tomorrow night, talks a litle NFL, and does some of his best impersonations, including one of Pablo Francisco, who comes on Don’s show later on in the morning. Don then talks about Monday being the 10th anniversary of 9/11, and the guys discuss the way the media has been covering it, especially the past week.

Comedian Pablo Francisco then comes in the studio to promote his performances this weekend at the Punchline in Sacramento. Pablo also does some hilarious impersonations, talks about how he comes up with his jokes, and tells us about the worst gigs he’s ever had as a comedian. After Don says goodbye to Pablo, the guys discuss an article in the Wall Street Journal on the “prettiest and ugliest NFL teams.” This leads to talk about Peyton Manning’s neck surgery, and whether he’ll play this year or not. Don also pulls out an old Saturday Night Live sketch that Peyton was in: a parody of the United Way commercials.

After hearing about the “Top 10 things Americans can’t live without,” and picking the NFL games for this weekend, the “Phantom News Hour” begins. Today, Phantom talks about the Paul McCartney 9/11 concert, President Obama’s speech last night, today being California’s 161st birthday, and Ashton Kutcher getting naked on Ellen Degeneres’ season premiere Monday. Don then wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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