FRESNO (AP) — As many as two dozen Fresno State University football players have been implicated in a welfare fraud investigation involving a county Department of Social Services eligibility specialist who is accused of filing false benefits for them and others.

University officials said in a written statement Friday that the athletes have been punished. But they declined to comment further, saying they don’t want to impede the criminal investigation.

The allegations involve members of the 2010 squad, many of whom are still on the team this year. No names have been released.

A former Fresno County Social Services eligibility specialist was arrested last month but not charged on allegations he fraudulently applied for Electronic Benefit Transfer cards — formerly known as food stamp benefits — for the players and others.

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Comments (2)
  1. R. Bean says:

    How they can still be on the team? Get bad grades and you get kicked off the team but commit a crime, and well, just get punished…go figure..which is more important?

  2. Whitey says:

    Nice… I’m so proud to be an alum.

    I’m thinking the NCAA will see this as a benefits violation and all the kids will be removed. Chances are 23 of the 24 wouldn’t be in college if it weren’t for football so they won’t be college students anymore, either.

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