Man Repeatedly Stabbed In Parking Lot Assault

ANTELOPE (CBS13) — Deputies have arrested a suspect in the brutal afternoon stabbing near a Foothill Farms shopping center that left a man critically wounded.

Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies descended on the parking lot in front of the EZ Stop convenience store on Elk Grove Boulevard after a man was attacked and stabbed repeatedly, bleeding badly from a life-threatening wound to the neck.

Authorities set up a perimeter around the scene and searched a nearby neighborhood with K-9 units, eventually taking a man into custody.

Investigators are still unraveling the circumstances leading up to the attack, although the incident does not appear to be a random assault.

The identities of the victim and suspect have not been released.

  • asdf

    low live neighbors, put that suspect to rest if caught

    • Avoid the truth

      It wasn’t an assumption, it was a question. A question that the media continually avoids answering.

    • kelly65

      It’s all about facts,odds,probable. time for you to open your eyes.dic

    • Grow up America

      See…your assumption is a good example of people thinking they can say and do as they please to others with no reaction. In my experience in life…Crime is equal opportunity. What happened is unfortunate, such as the state of these streets right now. Why fuel an already bad situation with 1960’s mentality?

  • Jr Asistin

    The made an error on putting Elk Grove Boulevard instead Elkhorn Boulevard.

  • Mace

    What a bunch of stupid azz people…LOCK’em up boys!

  • Ashley Hyatt

    The man stabbed was my brother, and any information on the subject would be greatly appreciated as I live 1500 miles away.

    • conserver1

      Sorry for your loss.

  • Ben

    What happened was that the man who got assulted more than likely did or said something disrespectful to the man who stabbed him when they were inside the EZ Stop convenience store. This is the reason why people need to be VERY CAREFUL mouthing off at strangers in public places who they no idea what might happen as a resuult. Many people are “on the “edge” emotionally and psychologically in our society today like never before, and some can and will suddenly explode with irrational behaviors like what this man did. I saw a guy many years ago while I was driving on the freeway, pull out a gun and point it at another man in a car next to him just because the other man gave him the “finger “F” sign.” On that same freeway prior to that, a man actually did get shot and critically wounded by another motorist as a result of “road rage.” See what I’m talking about. BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL engaging strangers in the public with negative remarks or gestures.

    • maybe

      why do you post with your stupid “he probably did this” comments? Maybe he didn’t do anything. Maybe he did something first. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

    • mike

      ben your an idiot that man probably did nothing to bring on the altercation ,but nothing should have caused a person to do this the guy needs to be locked up forever.hope the victim makes it .this might have been a pan handeler who wouldnt take no for an answer and has some mental never know/probly wrong place at the wrong time case,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • j

      hey y dont u stay the “F” out of this u dont know the guy hes my wifes uncle so “F” off

      • Ashley

        Thanks J

  • Robert Brown

    Elk Grove Blvd is about 25 miles away from an Antelope foot hill farms shoping center?????

    • Kimberly Taylor Engelking

      It was Elkhorn Blvd….media got it wrong again!

  • The Blogger

    I would like to apply for a job as a proofreader for

    With that being said, it’s really a shame what has happened to our community.

    Everyday there is some act of violence.

  • Kimberly

    Ashley, I hope your brother makes it without any permanent problems. This apparently happened on Elkhorn blvd. instead of Elk Grove blvd. That is very close to where I live. Times are getting harder every day for those who lost their jobs, and then their unemployment benefits. This is just one more reason to go back to the liberal policies our nation held before Reagan. We were a great nation before his trickle down policies were put into place

    • Matt

      Oh my God, you turn this story into a chance to make a political statement. Kimberly you are a Moron. And you start with a comment to Ashley and then go into your political agenda. What a B***** you must be!!!

  • ZOO

    I live in Elverta so I’m always in Antelope. I have lived here all my life and man this stuffs getting ridiculous. It seems like Antelope keeps getting worse and worse with this kind of stuff and especially in the last couple years. Its really seems that you have to turn the other cheek and swallow your pride over any tiny altercation or whenever you feel you want to tell someone off because these kind of people will seriously just kill you. Over anything at all. Or even for no reason at all. Now its like you have two choices. Either let people disrespect you and feel sort of cowardly or risk being killed anytime you stand up to people.

    • trj

      You could also get some training and in a couple of years when you are good enoughtyou can snap their neck with a simple move really quick and VOILLA! No more problem.

  • ashley hyatt

    Thank you, whomever monitors the website for removing her post, it was extremely upsetting to read as the victims sister. I cannot express how much I appreciate this forum and its moderators.

    • kellie

      ashley, i know your brother. is there another way to get a hold of you?

      • Ashley Hyatt

        You can email me on facebook if you have it, really don’t want to post any personal information, but if you know my brother you know my name ;)

  • Ben

    Hey Mike AND “May be”. Go stick your head up your arse and see if it fits! LOL!

  • Ashley Hyatt

    Thank you to everyone for your concern. My brother is awake, and recovering. I would just like to note that the attack was NOT provoked, and he attacked my brother from behind, leaving him unable to fight the man off. The man IS in custody, and IS being charged. There will be minor brain and nerve damage, but the doctors seem certain this will also return after a few months of rehabilitation.

    • Jacque

      I am so glad that he is recovering! God Bless

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