Today on The Don Geronimo Show, the guys begin by talking about the results of week 1 of the fantasy football league, then discuss the 63 yard field goal by Sebastian Janikowski, which tied an NFL record for longest FG ever. This leads Don to argue that Tom Dempsey had an advantage by only having half a kicking foot, because of his specially designed shoe. Don then resets the Morton Anderson story he heard from Mark Rypien, involving Morton’s “flexibility” in the locker room. Don then announces that we will be playing Karaoke Roulette today, and to warm up Don pulls out his old Batman 45, and the guys sing the “Miranda” song.

Don then reads a wacky email from Captain Ron, who was Don’s Program Director over 30 years ago. Apparently he isn’t too happy about Don forging his FCC license when he worked there. Don then tells us the story of how he forged his FCC license, as well as his high school diploma. Jennifer Normant from Hell’s Kitchen then stops by to chat with the guys about being on the show, and what other cast members are like off the set. She also tells us that Chef Ramsey is a really nice guy, and that she wishes more of his nicer moments could have been aired more often.

The guys then get into another hilarious game of Karaoke Roulette. This time, it’s soft rock music. Phantom once again makes it to the finals, to defend his title against Drew, and of course, Craig gets booted in the first round. Mark Schlereth from ESPN stops by after, to talk about the past weekend of NFL games, how awful the Colts are without Peyton Manning, and how bad his Denver Broncos looked last night. He also tells us about his son, who is a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers.

After hearing a clip of a 3 year old girl who’s dad told her she would turn black when she turned 4, and actor Terrence Howard’s threatening voice mail, it’s time for the Phantom News Hour. Today, Phantom talks about the GOP debate last night, the plans for the new arena in Sacramento, and Bobby Bowden having cancer when he coached at Florida State. The guys also get sidetracked and talk about famous Canadians, and what if Jesus was a football coach? After all the madness, hilarity, and awesomeness, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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