Bondsman Reacts To Anthonys’ Interview On ‘Dr. Phil’

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — He’s was right in the middle of the Casey Anthony saga. Sacramento-based bounty hunter Leonard Padilla talked to CBS13 about Dr. Phil’s interview with Casey Anthony’s parents Tuesday and says one part of it is not true.

It was the first TV appearance for George and Cindy Anthony since their daughter Casey’s acquittal for the murder of her daughter, Caylee, in South Florida.

“Was I taken for a fool? Absolutely,” George tells Dr. Phil.

“Where you parenting from guilty?” Dr. Phil asks.

“Possibly,” George responds.

And the doctor wasted no time asking Cindy if she ever believed the defense’s claim that George helped Casey cover up the crime.

“No, not when it came to his family as far as Casey and Caylee,” she says. “George would never have put us through those six months of not knowing where Caylee was if he knew where Caylee was because I watched his heart break every single day and I watched him as frantic as he was.”

Watching the exchange, Padilla said, “I think George has mixed emotions about being a cop. He knows that his daughter was the cause of his granddaughter’s death. He loved that granddaughter.”

Padilla flew to Florida to bail Casey out of jail after her arrest in 2008 and spent several days with the family.

He particularly took issue with one part of the Dr. Phil interview.

“People don’t know that she had a gran mal seizure after she came home for the very first time,” Cindy tells Dr. Phil. “She had that second one after she was home after she’d been arrested, when she was out on bail for the first time. America has never heard that explanation before.”

Not so, says Padilla.

“That’s a lie, that’s an absolute lie. During the time she was released into our custody, that never took place,” he told CBS13.

But even after Casey’s acquittal, it’s obvious George and Cindy don’t necessarily agree with each other on exactly what happened to Caylee.

“Do you believe she was in that trunk?” asks Dr. Phil.

“Some parts of me do believe she was back there, I do,” George answers.

“Do you?” Dr. Phil turns to Cindy.

“I don’t know,” she says.

As for Padilla, he wants to know more about the fight Cindy had with Casey the last night she saw Caylee alive. He thinks that could shed more light on how everything happened.

Part two of Dr. Phil’s exclusive interview with the Anthonys airs Wednesday at 3 p.m. on CBS13.


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