FAIRFIELD (CBS13) – A recently married couple was stunned when they discovered that Solano County officials had mailed them a marriage certificate bearing another couple’s personal information.

Darius and Lashanna Upshaw said they hadn’t closely examined the certificate after returning from their honeymoon, but when Lashanna visited a DMV office to have her driver’s license changed to reflect her new last name, the clerk pointed out that the wrong name was on the form.

“My mouth dropped,” Lashanna said.

The certificate bore the names, addresses, birthdays and parental information for another couple, the Schulers. The Upshaws returned the certificate immediately and were told the mistake was the result of a human error.

County officials said they hadn’t informed the Schulers of the mistake. When CBS13 contacted Mark Schuler, he said it was “pretty scary” to learn his information had been given out.

Officials said the mistake was the first of its kind in the county since 2003, and added that the information on the certificate is public record and shouldn’t be damaging.

  1. starsha says:

    How is information on the marriage license not damaging. why would i have needed to take it so seriously to get it in the first place? When you sign up for a bank account they want your mothers maiden name which is on thier. If they werent good people they could have used that to seriously mess things up! Thats a identity thiefs pot of gold! I like how they said “Its the first of its kind since 2003”.

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