Today on The Don Geronimo Show, Joe announces that his wife is NOT pregnant, much to his relief, and then Joe tells us about Aaron the engineer’s puppy crapping all over the station earlier this week. This leads to a huge conversation about Don previous feud with Aaron around Christmas time, and the creepy things Aaron does in his regular life. Don then interviews Comedian Paula Poundstone, who talks about her favorite comedians, and her love for social networking. She even has a live webcam on her website that is always set up right in front of her cat’s food bowl!

After another rousing rendition of Adam West’s “Miranda” (the Batman song) led by Phantom, the guys talk about cable television, and Dave accuses Don of being “racist” against cable TV programs. Don then reads an email from a loyal listener, and somehow the guys get on the subject of greatest TV theme songs, which Don decides will be discussed further on tomorrow’s show.

After talking a little NFL, in which Don tells us his “Brian Billick” story, it’s time to hear Craig’s interview with the great actor, Nick Nolte, who is in the new movie Warrior, which is now in theaters everywhere. During the interview, Nick says that Jesus is definitely more popular than Bobby Bowden, which leads Dave to concede his bet with Don. Phantom then brings us the “Phantom News Hour,” in which he talks about U2 setting the world record for highest grossing concert tour, the most downloaded iTunes albums, and VH1 bringing back Pop Up Video. And as always, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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