Today Grant talked a lot about football. He talked about the 49ers and their upcoming game against the Cowboys, as well as the Raiders upcoming game against the Bills. Grant took calls about both the 49ers and Raiders, as well as Alex Smith, Jason Campbell, and Brian Urlacher. A hot topic for discussion at the end of the show was a discussion about who the best receiver in the NFL is. Grant interviewed Thom Brennaman, Mychael Urban, Chris Landry, Sebastian Janikowski, and Sterling Sharpe.

Thom Brennaman was on with Grant today to talk about this weekend’s 49ers and Cowboys game. Grant and Thom talked about the key matchups between the 49ers and Cowboys. Thom talked about Michael Vick as well as Jim Harbaugh and how he will do as a head coach.

Mychael Urban CSN Bay Area’s baseball insider joined Grant to talk about the Giants and A’s. Mychael talked about Bill Neukom’s sudden exit from the Giants organization. Grant and Mychael also discussed the Giants disappointing season and how injuries factored in to it. Finally, they talked about the A’s and how the A’s were disappointing this season following some good off-season moves.

Fox Sports Analyst Chris Landry was on to talk football with Grant today. First they talked about the LSU vs Mississippi State game and the toughness of the SEC. They then talked about pro football and what the Dallas Cowboys need to do to beat the 49ers and be successful this season. After that they discussed the Bills and Raiders game and what each team needs to do to win. Finally Chris talked about the changes in NFL defenses as well as the Eagles’ offensive line and their importance to Michael Vick’s longevity this season.

Oakland Raiders’ kicker Sebastian Janikowski came on the show today. Sebastian talked about his 63 yard field goal against Denver, and whether or not team would appeal the actual yardage on the kick. Grant asked Janikowski about the new kick-off rules and how they are affecting him. They also discussed the importance of good weather conditions, and a good snap and hold when it comes to making kicks. Finally, Grant asked Sebastian where his favorite place to kick was.

Sterling Sharpe from NFL Network and NFL Playbook was on with Grant today to talk football. Sterling lead off talking about his experience at the Hall of Fame and his brother Shannon’s Hall of Fame speech. Then he talked about teams that lost week 1 and why they shouldn’t panic. Grant then asked about Michael Vick’s return to Philadelphia, and how football is different with all the recent rule changes. Finally Grant asked about Cam Newton, and what his performance in week 1 meant.

  1. Sara Warreb says:

    channel 13 isn”t making any friends when you end the Raider broadcasted game b/4 it is over. We are done putting up with you doing this. Is it just the Raider games tyou pull this on? Please read between the lines and you will know exactly what we think of 13

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