ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Drivers in the Sacramento area should seem some relief on one of the region’s busiest commuter routes after new carpool lanes opened Friday.

Caltrans opened a three-mile stretch of new carpool lanes from the Placer/Sacramento county line to just east of Douglas Boulevard in Roseville on Friday, completing phase two of the Interstate 80 overhaul.

That should make it a little easier on commuters. “Honestly it takes me five minutes to get home and it takes me a half hour (in peak traffic),” said one driver.

“The traffic looks like L.A. out there,” said another, Mark Benge, who said he uses back roads to avoid I-80.

Next up: full speed ahead for the third and final phase of the project. Auxiliary I-80 lanes will be extended just past the Highway 65 junction.

If all goes as planned — pending weather — the entire project is scheduled to be finished by next month.

The cost of the project is $48 million. It’s a collaboration with Caltrans, the city of Roseville and Placer County.

Comments (2)
  1. Jeff says:

    Carpool lanes are the burden on CA highways. It always get easier when the same amount of lanes are there and there isn’t a carpool lane in rush hour.

    We need to repeal that stupid failed law that says every new lane added to a freeway has to be carpool. The lanes have been a major failure and we could save millions of dollars.

  2. Mike says:

    Where is the quality control? My sister is out of work, yet this “journalist” has a job? Sacramento commuters should seem some relief” How often do you see these errors, that aren’t simply a matter of putting the story out quickly but truly a matter of not understanding english grammar? Every day I see these mistakes and wonder how incompetent people have jobs while people I know, who are over qualafied for the job can’t get it. I probably made some grammar mistakes myself but I install your air conditioner, not write for a living………

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