STOCKTON (CBS13) — Human error is now being blamed on almost 6,000 San Joaquin County workers not getting paid via direct deposit on Friday.

An IT employee apparently forgot to transmit payroll on Thursday, CBS13’s Koula Gianulias reports.

The mistake affected 5,827 county employees, included court workers, fire district staff and water district employees. Phones were ringing off the hook at the county ofices after employees couldn’t access their funds Friday morning. The money usually is available at 8 a.m.

County Auditor-Controller Adrian Van Houten said it’s the first time this has happened. He had hoped the deposits could go through by 3 p.m. but now the goal is to get employees paid Monday. Van Houten is one of those who wasn’t paid.

Employees who use Wells Fargo Bank, about 1,000, can access their money and another 1,700 who bank with Financial Center Credit Union, about 1,700, can get a loan equal to their previous paycheck deposited with the credit union, Houten.

The only employees who were paid on time Friday were those who still receive live checks, about 900 workers, he said.

Houten said he hoped to work with the employees’ banks to avoid overdraft fees.

Comments (21)
  1. Kevin Truex says:

    And this is news?

    So instead of getting paid at 9am, they get paid at 3pm…. OH THE HORROR!!!!

    1. alyce ortiz says:

      Kevin it sounds like you are very angry. For some reason you think county workers are rich. im a county worker and i live pay check to pay check. Yes it will affect me. God bless you.

    2. SeaCay says:

      Wow, hats off to Kevin who doesn’t need the money he’s owed when it’s owed to him. They say no man is an island but you are truly an island in a sea of people who aren’t weathering the economic storm in comfort as you seem to be. By the way, the article I’m reading here says they may be paid as late as Monday but Monday shmonday, nothing’s too terrible for the shrooms, eh?

    3. Matt says:

      If you had actually read AND comprehended the article you would know they won’t see their funds until Monday…if all goes well from this point. Why be a jerk when you don’t have to??

    4. Lakeshia Person says:

      Kevin must still live with his mom! by the way…….mamas boy… not only have you proven to northern california how much life experience you dont have…. if long john silvers is still hiring maybe i can go to work on the grill next to you to ensure i get my check on time….thanks buddy……

  2. Lucy P. says:

    They actually may not get paid until Monday, so yes, that may throw a wrench into weekend plans for some people. And some people may have bills set up to automatically get paid on payday. This could result in some people getting late fees or overdraft charges.

  3. Liz says:

    Kevin, it may not be news to you but for someone waiting to get paid, it is big news and not knowing until 3 if you are getting paid today or not is a horror if you have bills that are due. If it isn’t news to you just pass by the story and read something more of interest to you.

  4. Lucy P. says:

    Thank you Alyce, SeaCay, and Liz! You said it much better than I did!

  5. Meems says:

    Kevin seems to need to learn how to read. It says they will update us at 3… Well it’s 3:46 and no update. I’ve learned more from reading websites like this than I have from their “upddates”… This is ridiculous and they should have to cover ALL NSF fees people may get because of this.

  6. slg says:

    FYI Kevin, My husband is one of those employees and he has not been promised a time. The only information that has been provided to him he has read in news like everybody else. We have no idea if or when he will get paid

    1. Matt says:

      Well you do know he will get paid so to say “if he will get paid” is a bit disingenuous. However, I feel your pain as anywith with half a brain knows people count on their money being available ON PAYDAY when they use direct deposit.

      1. Matt says:

        sorry, “anyone with” not “anywith”. LOL

  7. ANON says:

    QUIT WINING! At least you all will get paid. I was suppose to get my last 272. unemployment check yesterday but because they are converting to debit cards from BOFA I have to wait an additional 5 days! SO COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS YOU ARE ALL EMPLOYED and are even getting a paycheck!

  8. Mace says:

    This is why you all need to vote OBAMA in ’12…Real Talk! All of us are living paycheck to paycheck with all the BS inflation, thanks to the GOP, dumb voters and Congress. It leads to this kind of mishap. The person who made the error, needs to be terminated.

  9. Torch Wood says:

    The number one rule when running a business or government: DON’T **** WITH PEOPLE’S PAYCHECKS!!!!!!!

  10. nocoen says:


    So the payroll problem is another reason to vote for NOBAMA??? Missed payroll = vote for NOBAMA? What twisted logic…oh, I know, this is all BUSH/CHANEY’s fault…your logic is exemplary of your intelligence…or lack of ability to reason beyond ipso facto logic…

    1. MAC49 says:

      That’s as good of a reason as he can come up with. People are really grasping for a reason, good, bad, or indifferent, to vote for Obama. But that was really the best reason they could come up with. After all there are really slim pick’n as why to vote for him. So give him One Banana for that reason. That did take a lot of searching, to come up with that one.

  11. lili says:

    Nice way to turn on each other instead of who is responsible for the mess. Anyone wonder why America is in the toilet?

    Wonder no more. Wait until it gets closer to the holidays.Hey crybaby ANON-GET A JOB.

  12. Michelle says:

    I am sure the person responsible will be in huge trouble!

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