SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Thousands of nurses plan to walk off the job Thursday in what’s being called the nation’s largest nurse strike ever.

More than 23,000 nurses at 30 Sutter Health and Kaiser Permanente hospitals in northern California plan to walk out for one day.

Members of the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United are staging the strike saying “they will not accept attacks on RN rights to speak out for patients or cuts in healthcare or retiree coverage for nurses or other hospital workers.”

While nurses at nearly all Northern California Kaiser Permanente Hospitals will be on strike, it appears most Sutter Hospitals in the Sacramento area will not be affected.

Below is a list of the hospitals where Registered Nurses will be on strike:

Sutter Hospitals
■Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Berkeley (Alta Bates Campus)
■Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Oakland (Summit Campus)
■Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Berkeley (Herrick Campus)
■Eden Medical Center, Castro Valley (Eden Campus)
■Eden Medical Center, San Leandro (San Leandro Campus)
■Mills-Peninsula Health Services, Burlingame (Peninsula Campus)
■Mills-Peninsula Health Services, San Mateo (Mills Campus)
■Novato Community Hospital, Novato
■Sutter Solano Medical Center, Vallejo
■Sutter Delta Medical Center, Antioch
■Sutter Lakeside Hospital, Lakeside
■Sutter Medical Center, Santa Rosa

Children’s Hospital Oakland
Kaiser Permanente Hospitals
■Redwood City
■San Rafael
■Santa Rosa
■San Francisco
■San Jose
■Santa Clara
■South Sacramento
■South San Francisco
■Walnut Creek

Comments (12)
  1. true nurse says:

    I AM a nurse with Kaiser and would like the public to know that the MAJORITY of our nurses disagree with this strike. It is NOT for patient care! IT is about creating a mega union that we don’t want. We love our patients and believe that everyone today is working hard to maintain and pay for their health care and they deserve the best care that we can provide them. This cannot be done if we are out on the sidewalks carrying signs for another union (NUHW). Some nurses have felt bullied into striking – but be sure in knowing that the majority of nurses do not agree with this strike. Patient care and safety is our number one priority and this strike has nothing to do with either one.

  2. It's not all about you says:

    Strike 3 you’re out………

  3. strike or save lives, your choice says:

    How many patients will suffer because of your strike???

    1 will be too many.

    And, how many will possibly die from your stupid strike???

    1 will be too many.

  4. Rusty says:

    RN’s in California get a huge salary, especially relative to their education. Most nurses don’t give a rat’s ass about their patients, so don’t be using them as your excuse to strike.

    1. true nurse says:

      Rusty – as nurse holding a Bachelor’s Degree in nursing I would disagree with your comment. And in fact many of us do care a great deal about our patients. But as I said in my first comment – please refer to “true nurse” – MOST of the nurses do not agree with this strike. It is not about us, our contract, or our patients. We KNOW this and many of us will be crossing the picket lines to go to work that day. So please understand that what is being written in the media does NOT reflect the opinions or actions of the actual nurses. One more thing – please feel free to research what the educational requirements are for an RN.

    2. Brandy says:

      That’s a pretty ignorant comment from a ignorant person. Glad to know you are such an authority on education and what really goes on behind the scenes. Just because the RN’s aren’t adding chili cheese to the customers fries doesn’t give you an excuse to act like you know what your talking about.

    3. Grateful says:

      WOW! How shocking that people could be so ignorant of the qualifications of an RN! Maybe nurses don’t care about YOU as a patient because of your fowl attitude but they sure have cared about me, my family, my friends everytime we’ve been in the hospital. They’ve gotten me through a tremendous amount of pain. Good luck to all of you nurses and thank you! My mother was one of the first RN Nurse Practitioners and I know the amount of time, energy, and love she put into every person up until the day she died.

  5. KaiserSanRafaelRN says:

    Well myself and a BIG handful of my peers will be working this day! We were Nurses for the sick before we were union! It’s not fair to the patients and it’s not fair that the CNA is threatening those of us that want to take care of the sick. We don’t believe what the CNA is doing is right by forcing us, without any vote, to leave the care of our patients in the hands of strangers. It’s not fair and it’s not right. WE as Nurses stand strong to protect our patients! Patient Care before politics! Your right, we should be thankful that we have a job in this economy! We should be thankful that we get paid and have the benefits that we do! Why do some of you(nurses) want to be greedy? Doesn’t that make you just as greedy as those high paid CEOs your fighting. Think about who you really are and why you really became a nurse! If you do decide to strike, think about if it was you or a loved one in that hospital bed while your out striking! Go with your heart, not what someone else tells you to do!

    1. KaiserSanRafaelRN says:

      Ahhh yes, I forgot to mention that. I’m sure the public would love to hear as well about our no strike clause in our new contract! That right, was just negotiated WITHOUT A FIGHT! We got everything we wanted, pay increase, no take aways…picture perfect contract that just went into effect 9/1/11. This is how we say thanks? We should be more than grateful! We were affraid we would have things taken away, no pay raises…especially right now with the economy. But, we didn’t! So THANK YOU KAISER for taking care of your employees! And THANK YOU Kaiser South Sac ED Nurses for standing together!

  6. Francie says:

    My father just survived two major surgeries yesterday and today and he needs significant monitoring in the neurological ICU. I left the Kaiser Morse hospital tonight knowing that at 7am my fathers nurses may walk off the job and I am so fearful of what this means for his care. I trust that Kaiser management and doctors will do their level best to care for his needs, but I truly don’t understand why his health should be jeopardized in this manner.

  7. KaiserSanRafaelRN says:

    I’m sorry Francie about your Dad. Rest assured that many of us don’t agree with this strike. Please send this letter to the other papers as well. I almost cried when I read this!I know in my heart that there will be staff Nurses there to take care of your Dad, there are still many of us that care abour patient care before politics! God Bless and you and him, your in my prayers!
    Kaiser San Rafael ICU RN

  8. chevyman says:

    this is to ture nurse i dont know were you work but most nurses i know support the strike how can you give good patient care with all these cuts? And the nurses are next when your contract runs out.

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