SAN FRANCISCO (CBS13) — Jaycee Lee Dugard, the California woman who was kidnapped when she was 11 and held captive for 18 years, has filed a lawsuit against the federal government, her publicist announced Thursday.

Dugard is not seeking money for herself in the complaint, according to Thursday’s press release. Instead, 100 percent of any claim awarded would be donated to The JAYC Foundation, Inc., a non-profit charity established to provide support and services for treatment of families recovering from abduction and the aftermath of traumatic experiences.

The complaint was filed Thursday morning in San Francisco U.S. District Court by her Los Angeles-based law firm after the federal government twice denied requests for mediation.

Dugard was kidnapped in the South Lake Tahoe area in 1991. The federal government had parole supervision responsibility over her abductor, Phillip Garrido, from his release from prison in 1988 on a previous rape conviction until the state took over his responsibility in 1999.

The state of California awarded Dugard and her two children, fathered by Garrido, a $20 million settlement in July for its role in Garrido’s parole supervision.

According to the federal complaint, Garrido tested positive for drugs multiple times, a violation of his parole, but parole officers failed to report the failed tests. He once registered a blood-alcohol content of 0.45, a level normally associated with unconsciousness and possible death, the complaint says.

The complaint also alleges federal parole officers were mandated to make monthly visits to Garrido’s Antioch home but failed to do so.

Instead, officers “routinely went months at a time without seeing Garrido and even failed to make a single visit to Garrido’s home during at least three of the 10 years he was under federal parole supervision,” according to the complaint, including 1992, the year after Dugard’s abduction, and 1994, the year she gave birth to her first daughter.

The complaint also alleges several women, including his 1976 rape victim, reported sexual misconduct by Garrido, but his parole agents failed to follow up on the claims or report them to the U.S. Parole Commission.

Comments (42)
  1. Jada Lane says:

    The government should not even fight this!! This poor girl was tortured for 18 years because our government failed her. But at least she did live to tell her tale. How many children are raped and murdered every year by convicted pedophiles and rapists??? If we don’t want to supervise them properly when they are released, then we shouldn’t release them at all!!!!!!

    1. Thsas says:

      You do understand that the money to pay for this is confiscated from the state taxpayers? Who exactly are you trying to punsih? Me? I didn’t do anything wrong.

      1. holly says:

        You don’t understand. Any time the government fails in its duty, a citizen must be compensated. You’ll never notice the tenth of a penny added to your taxes, but the error will have been duly noted by the government and changes will be made. Do you really WANT other children to have to put up with this nightmare? Hitting them in the funding coffers is the only way to get the message through.

    2. John says:

      She already got $20M from the state, she is already making millions from her book, she’ll probably rake in more millions for a movie…..but apparently that’s not enough to set her for life…..greed has finally hit her… she’s going after our tax $ again….at the federal level.

      1. holly says:

        Work on your reading comprehension before you comment. You don’t understand what the article said.

      2. Jen says:

        So, you missed the part in the article about her donating all of the money that she may or may not win. Read more, comment less. You just sound ignorant and selfish.

      3. Sally says:

        John get a clue on life loser this gal had her life stolen from her it’s not about money You go JayC you deserve it all the whole world girl Garrido needs his pee pee cut off

      4. Ginger Chittick says:

        Sorry John I do not believe Greed has anything to do with this… she was 11 years old a child. Because lots of people droped the ball she was away from her family she had no one but a filthy man who raped her daily it makes me sick to think of what she had to go through Yes she deserves every penny and more You Go Jaycee I wish you all the Luck in the world You are Beautiful

  2. cissy says:

    Good for her! I hope she wins bank it’s well deserved! I don’t care what she does with the money either!

  3. Romi Bhinder says:

    No compensation will be enough for this poor soul. The abductor should be awarded capital punishment in the form of lethal injection. No ifs or buts.

  4. COURTNEY says:

    she deserves the $ no matter what she does with it. she was tortured for 18 yrs and the system failed her 2, just like lots of other ppl. THE SYSTEM SUCKS!!!

  5. stan says:

    the system does not work pedophiles should be executed no ifs ands or but,s. No second chances for these vermin.

  6. Yahooer says:

    She deserves the money for her own personal use but it’s great to see her pledge to donate all of the judgement to her foundation. Survivors and family (of survivors and other victims not so lucky), desrve as much support as possible and foundations like hers serve a noble purpose (as long as 80% of proceeds go to the people being served).

  7. Pam says:

    Hmmmmmm……she doesn’t want the $ for her?……I smell a rat…..oh, wait, the $ will go to the JAYC Foundation, Inc., a non-profit where Jaycee is the president or someone having access to the $….Oh, well, THAT makes more sense!….not seeking money for herself…yeah right, GIVE ME A BREAK!

    1. Disgusted says:

      You’re dumb. It even says in the article that she has already been awarded 20 million dollars from the state of California. That is why she would use the federal money to help her foundation. Help other people! It’s nice that you can somehow find something bad to say about a girl who was tortured and abused for 18 years and let down by incompetent federal and state agencies. You’re a real piece of work.

      1. Sheila Volek says:

        indeed you are a real piece of work……would rather my tax money go there then to house, feed and cloth ILLEGALS….

    2. soaringwings says:

      She has been awarded $20million … for her to pursue money for other victims & their families is a very noble/unselfish thing to do.. and I might add that her book validates any money she receives…NO amount of money will cover the hell that child now woman went through.and will go through the rest of her life. Hopefully she will have enough money to pay for all of her College and College for each of her children too.. with NO Debt repayment !

    3. Erica says:

      Can you not see the legal issue? She wouldn’t have been trapped and abused for so long if the government was doing their job.

      Are you stupid? Illiterate? Both?

      And 20 million dollars can’t fix the pain, the agony, all that she had taken from her emotionally, physically, and spiritually.. It sure can help in the recovery, but she was held captive for 18 years, unnecessarily so because the government has the same education as those working for Barnum & Bailey!

  8. Pam says:

    Not that she doesn’t deserve it, she deserves every penny….but please, at least tell it to us straight, you’re insulting us with such claims…..

    1. Disgusted says:

      You’re the only person that deserves to be insulted. You’re claims are the ones that are bogus and unfounded. Get a life.

    2. cissy says:

      Really none of anyones business what she does with the money. Pam enough with your negitive comment, Jaycee has been through more than you could ever imagine. You should thank god he didn’t get you or your family members. Leave her alone!

  9. mary starr says:

    shut up Pam. Try wear her shoes.

  10. Believer says:

    She should sue the California govt only… not the feds!

    1. cissy says:

      He was on FEDERAL parole when they released him to Calif. They are just as responsible if not more than Calif which paid her 20 million right away.

    2. Disgusted says:

      Why didn’t you read the article before commenting?! It clearly states that she did and one! They were both in charge of his parole at different times. Educate yourself before you comment. Wasting people’s time…

    3. John says:

      true, and she’s also making millions with her book….why have the taxpayer cough up more tax $ for her pocket?….I didn’t do anything wrong to deserve to pay her out of my taxes….did you?

      1. holly says:

        You are benefiting from living in a society, so you must pay the taxes that the society levies for things like sidewalks, police, schools, and JUSTICE. Just go camping in the mountains for the rest of your life like Grizzly Adams if you don’t want the responsibility.

  11. Steve says:

    If the state and fed were to pay out big dollars to every person that was wronged by the system then our deficit would be doubled…. I’m not saying that what happened to her wasn’t horrible… But what about people that are falsely accused and sent to prison for decades then through dna found innocent. They don’t get big payouts. They get a… “Sorry for the mix up bud” and sent home. Our system is horrible, but were do you go with it. People today still protest how inhumane prison is while the inmates are in bed watching seinfeld reruns on a color tv… Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

    1. John says:

      Sorry buddy, if you were wrongly accused and were sent to prison you just get a “We are sorry, we made a mistake”, and that is all…..consider yourself lucky with that.

      1. Steve says:

        The only courtroom I’ve seen the inside of was for a red light ticket violation that was captured by camera… My point was that if you are going to pay out one for being wronged then you are going to start turning a revolving door that will never stop spinning. I am going to sit back and wait for the first person to get busted for fabricating a story to try and get tax payer dollars… Its only a matter of time, especially in this state.

    2. holly says:

      As long as people like you sit there and shrug your shoulders and grumble away in your easy chair, nothing will get fixed. This woman isn’t just getting on with her life, she’s helping all of us by forcing the system to check itself. You should thank her instead of whining like a baby.

      1. John says:

        you sound guilty, like you did something wrong, you should pay more taxes than the rest of us so that they don’t use my tax $ to keep paying these people when I DID NOTHING WRONG.

  12. soaringwings says:

    I hope she wins and I hope that it promotes a ripple effect across the entire country, To wake up the slack sacks that are supposed to be monitoring these freaks of nature, that get their jollies by abducting children and adults for their sick idea of a life. If there isn’t enough room in prison for them… excute them. They will tell you they cannot be rehibiliated. Why should our tax dollars pay for them to live tax free with all amenities. Wish you the best Baby Girl and I hope they not only award you. I hope and pray they build a facility to house the victims that need it, until they can get back on their emotional feet. Prayers are with you. Peace~

  13. PemyDialiatty says:

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  14. Erica says:

    I wish her the very best of luck. I am so proud of her for doing it. It’s a shame that she has to put in the effort to do it and the government can’t do its job.

    Rape, assault, domestic violence.. these crimes aren’t taken seriously by the government – and women pay their taxes too! (Not that men aren’t victims, but women do make up the majority) Taxes fund salaries for the people who have the responsibility to follow the law!

    Keep this is mind everyone. Sometimes it takes a little work, and it might be inconveniencing, but doing what is right is the very most important thing you can do for yourself and for others!

  15. jc says:

    She was a little girl raped in all kinds of ways by this pervert, none of you guys can even imagine what it would be like for a child to give birth to a full term baby without medical supervision for pain , these two are inhuman beings and the parole (?)officers and all their supervisors should have been fired. No retirement money, being this irresponsible with one case I can just imagine hundreds more just like this one, get rid of those responsible for dereliction of duty.

  16. The Blogger says:

    Good for her. She will win more cash from the federal government & set up her non profit foundation.

    Of course she will be the President & more than likely her children & other family members will be on the Board of Directors.

    Everyone will get a nice salary & perks….

    This is how it is people………

    Live with it!

  17. BTO' says:

    Put the parol officers and Jon in prison to be raped. See how you like that.

  18. opm says:

    money came too easy for her. why not suck more out of the fed now. the money she got from her first lawsuit is more than she ever will make in her whole lifetime. she’s just purely greedy and of course her lawyer. f**k her and her legal team…wish she was never found,

  19. Ja says:

    $20 million will take away all my pain.

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