Today on the Don Geronimo Show, Don introduces the “Tomellen Oath.” This is a tribute to our good buddy Tom Mailey, of the Pat and Tom Show on KNCI, who looks like Ellen Degenerous, according to Dave and Little Joe. Tom gave Joe a ride to the station this morning, because Joe had a flat tire, so it should be a pretty interesting ride home this afternoon. Don also tells us about Joe pocket dialing him yesterday, and Don’s wife thinking it sounded like Joe was having sex. Good Day Sacramento stops by to visit, and they have a gift for Don: a giant poster of Don’s favorite TV program, The Good Wife.

We then get a visit from Westwood One NFL analyst, and ex NFL QB Mark Malone. Mark discusses this week’s matchups in the NFL, the Green Bay/Chicago game he’s calling this Sunday, and even picks the games with all the guys today. We then hear an autotuned rendition of the guy from a couple days ago who got rear ended and was a little too excited about it. Good Day Sacramento stops in again, and this time Don gets to interview Julianne Margulies from The Good Wife for Good Day. Dave then goes outside during the break, and with his new autotune app on his Iphone, makes a song about Don being gay because he likes The Good Wife. This inspires the guys to create a song based on the Tomellen Oath (which is posted on today’s page).

The guys then play another edition of everyone’s favorite, the “Match Game.” Today, the questions involve our good buddy Tom, super producer Jodi Bacon, and news anchor Walt Gray. Don then calls in Julie from the Pat and Tom Show to have her listen to the new autotuned tribute to Tom. Don then tells us a story about a couple in Palm Bay, Fl. who’s house is overrun with skunks. Don decides to call the couple, and even gets the husband to record a new intro to the “Phantom News Hour.”

After discussing the season premiere of The Office, it’s time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom talks about the GOP debate last night, the space satellite that is expected to crash into earth today, the Troy Davis execution, and the Star Wars blu ray collectors edition, which causes Dave to geek out on his disgust for George Lucas’ remakes. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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