On today’s show Grant talked mostly about the NFL. Grant talked about his picks for this weekend in the NFL, as well as some of last week’s action. Grant took calls about the Raiders and their upcoming game against the Jets, as well as the NBA lockout. Also, Grant interviewed Bobby Jackson, Steve Wyche, Phil Simms, and Mychael Urban.

Bobby Jackson was on with Grant today to talk about his upcoming golf tournament. They discussed where people can sign up to play. Bobby also talked about what foundations benefit from his tournament. Grant and Bobby also discussed the tournament that Bobby was playing in when he called.

Steve Wyche from NFL Network and NFL.com. The Saints and Texans’ upcoming game was the first topic of discussion. Steve talked about what the Texans have done defensively to get better with new defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. Next they talked about the Falcons and Buccaneers game on Sunday and what each team needs to do to win. After that they talked about the Chiefs and Chargers game, and why the game will be closer than some people think.

Phil Simms of CBS Sports came on to talk football with Grant today. First they talked about the rarity of Raiders’ sellout. Then they got to talking about the Jets and Raiders game on Sunday. Then they talked about what quarterbacks mean to every game, and how defenses are at less and less of an advantage. Finally, they talked about how much football as a whole has changed since Phil played.

Mychael Urban, Comcast Sports Net’s MLB insider was on with Grant today. Mychael talked about the Giants’ attitude now that their hill to climb to the playoffs is almost impossibly steep. Grant and Mychael also discussed the Giants’ season and why they weren’t as successful this year as they were last year. Grant also asked about the movie “Moneyball,” as well as Mychael’s predictions for National League postseason awards.


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