STOCKTON (CBS13) – Two hammer-wielding thieves smashed their way into a college book store and made off with some high-end electronics.

Delta College campus police says two suspects who were wearing gloves and masks used a hammer to break through the front door of the campus early Sunday morning. Once inside, the two stole several iPod Touches and an Apple laptop computer. They were there for only a few minutes.

Police believe the suspects were familiar with the college because they were aware of, and attempted to avoid, most of the surveillance cameras on campus.

The suspects were captured on at least one camera. Police released the video hoping someone might be able to identify the suspects.

Police believe the suspects will attempt to sell the stolen goods locally.

Comments (3)
  1. leroyjones says:

    Hey! It’s Stockton! What do you expect in that sewage spewing town.

  2. Meems says:

    Yes, because crime only happens ever in Stockton. What a moron you are.

  3. LOL says:

    they could have at least took a few books to read…

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