SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson has accomplished a lot in his life. He was a standout athlete at Sacramento High School in both baseball and basketball, he’s a former professional basketball player and three-time NBA all-star, has jumped into politics, and is currently the mayor of the capital of California. He’s also a newlywed.

Before Johnson was big man on campus at Sac High, he made his name in another sport: roller skating. In fact, he was a national champion speed roller skater. Of course, you won’t find this little tidbit listed on his official biography. However, the producers at Good Day Sacramento, on CBS13’s sister-station CW31, found photographic evidence of Johnson’s skating legacy and surprised the mayor during his weekly visit to the set.

roller skating johnson Mayor Kevin Johnson A Former Rollerskating Champ

Mayor Johnson back in his roller skating days. (Click image for larger version)

After discussing the important stuff – like the latest developments in the city’s fight to keep the Sacramento Kings basketball team in town, a $100 million donation to the city of Sacramento from billionaire Richard Branson and, of course, the Mayor’s recent marriage to Michelle Rhee — the anchors surprised Johnson with a poster-sized picture of the 1979 United States Roller Skating Championships.

The photo features four young men in black and gold shorts, t-shirts, striped tube socks and roller skates in what appears to be some sort of speed skating pose. And yes, there in all his glory is a young Kevin Johnson.

At first, the mayor, as any good politician would do, tried to deny, deny, deny.

“I’m gonna say that was a Photoshop,” said the mayor. “My hair can’t get that long. I don’t have that Angela Davis afro. Holy moly….let me just be clear, that will not be my re-election photo.”

In Good Day Sacramento style, anchor Marianne McClary offered the mayor a poster-sized copy of the photo. Johnson declined, possibly thinking that would put an end to the bit, but no. Good Day Sacramento, a show known for going to the extreme, then surprised the mayor with a life-size cut-out of the picture, with cut-outs for people to have their picture taken alongside the picture of the teen.

“I didn’t realize I was coming on to be roasted, number one. And, number two, I didn’t know this was Comedy Central,” said a laughing Johnson.

Anchor Marianne McClary told Johnson, “we roast because we love” and said he was an excellent sport.

Comments (4)
  1. Jamie says:

    So what is this Billionare getting in return from the city of Sacramento for his $100M “donation”? A lifetime “tax-exempt” status from the city so he gets tax-free income from his so called “donation”?…..Let’s kick the Kings out of Sacramento!.

  2. Mace says:

    Jamie…ur such a HATER

  3. The Blogger says:

    Geez…. what a waste of Bandwidth.

    And people trash my blog….


  4. RollinRon says:

    the other guys in the picture are, in front of Mayor Johnson, Paul Westbrook, he aims cameras for KCRA. Next to KJ, Mac McKay, in front of Mac is Wes Woodland. I skated with these guys so long ago and still talk to Wes on occasion.

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