Neighbors Protest Smoke Shop They Say Will Sell Sex Toys

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – Some residents in Roseville say they will soon be living next door to a nightmare.

The city of Roseville says a strip mall’s new tenant describes his business as a smoke shop, but angry neighbors say that’s only half the truth. We found out what the city didn’t know. The smoke shop’s owner runs a store in Chico called “The Dungeon” that sells sex toys.

Our cameras caught a concerned father as he confronted the owner.

“Why are you bringing in a place that sells marijuana paraphernalia into a residential community next to a daycare center?” he said.

“I’m on the phone,” said the owner, who acted busy.

“I mean literally this is my backyard,” said Chris Champlin.

For years, the nature preserve behind the strip mall where the controversial store will be housed has been a favorite spot for Champlin and his family.

“And every night we always bring our family over here; there’s ducks,” he added. “About two weeks ago we noticed the sign come up that said ‘smoke shop the dungeon’.”

The Dungeon’s website advertises hand-blown marijuana glass and water pipes.

This store, which will be near a daycare, is even closer to a Kumon Learning Center.

Selling pipes isn’t against the law. But that’s not the only problem. The Dungeon is also a sex shop. Roseville law prohibits the sale of sex-related paraphernalia within 500 feet of a school.

“Had they applied for an adult business license, they would probably be banned,” said Champlin.

The city says the shop isn’t in violation because they’re not yet open for business.

“Do we know that they’re not really a smoke shop? They haven’t opened up their doors yet, so I really think that question is premature,” said city of Roseville representative Megan Macpherson.

We tried to talk to the store owner who was on the phone. We waited around for him to finish, but he didn’t hang up – refusing to answer our questions.

Maria: Sir, can we speak to you for just a few minutes?

Owner: Get out of my face.

“It is a garbage business,” said Alex Yefimov, a concerned resident.

“This is not the place for this. Go put it somewhere else,” said Champlin.

The owner says he’s working on a solution that works for everybody.


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