LODI (CBS13) — A Stockton police officer has been arrested on a no-bail warrant after he failed to show up to jail after being convicted of child endangerment and driving under the influence.

Stockton police Sgt. Kenneth Robinson, 40, was taken into custody earlier this week and is being held without bail at the San Joaquin County Jail, according to Stockton Police spokesperson Officer Pete Smith.

Robinson was arrested by Lodi police on Christmas Day in December 2010 for misdemeanor DUI and the district attorney later added child endangerment charges. He was sentenced to 17 days in jail in June but failed to report to jail. He also failed to complete a court-ordered alcohol program and failed to check in with his probation officer, CBS13’s Andrea Menniti reports.

“Yes, there are some people who feel they don’t have to follow the rules, and sadly I think it appears Mr. Robinson may be one of those,” San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney Lester Fleming said.

Robinson was convicted of two misdemeanors for endangering the health of a child and two misdemeanors for driving under the influence, including having a blood-alcohol level of .20 or higher. He’s been on paid administrative leave from the police department every since his arrest.

Robinson made a court appearance Thursday afternoon where he was assigned a public defender and ordered to appear before the court again next week.

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  1. Sally says:

    A fine example of the people that are suppose to keep us safe and also help us out in a time of need. I see slot of cops lately that just don’t give a $&@@ and have a real bad attitude especially in Eldorado County They suck

    1. nevadat says:

      they don’t get’em all weeded out in the hiring process

  2. Greg says:

    This officer was two times over the legal limit and was charged with a misdemeanor and that was with a child in the car? If that was me or you we would have been crucified and demonized charged t goes to show with two or three felonies it goes to show that police officers and the courts protect their own.

    1. NSWLV says:

      Greg, what felonies? I think this story proves that police officers are held accountable just like everyone else.

      1. wickedwa says:

        Shouldn’t an officer LEAD by example? He clearly is behaving like he is above the law. The same LAWS he ENFORCES. He is ignoring court orders, yet still receiving pay for a job he isn’t doing. Yes , I believe he should be held ACCOUNTABLE to a higher degree . His actions speak LOUD & CLEAR . He shows NO RESPECT for the Justice HE ENFORCES.

      2. trj says:

        Every cop I’ve ever seen charged with drunk driving it is a misdomeaner> For the regular people it would be a felony or two. I bet you anything this guy remains a cop. GOOD OLE BOYS PROTECTING THEIR OWN!

    2. trj says:

      SO TRUE! And these monkeys expect US to trust and respect them?

  3. Whitey says:

    Uh, Greg, cops don’t get special treatment. That’s public information and, if you did your homework, would recognize the courts can’t get away with that. If you expected him to wind up serving time at Folsom Prison for this, ask yourself why idiots convicted of multiple DUI offenses are still out on the street.

    Nice grammar, though…

    1. trj says:

      Whitey, if you believe cops don’t get special treatment them it is time to wake up.

  4. trj says:


    1. tazman666 says:

      It’s called evidence, hense the warrant. If there was not enough evidence at the time, he would not have been arrested, learn how the law works before you spout off at the mouth and make yourself look stupid. Perhaps he was arrested and the clause of his arrest/conviction was that he not drink, or he may have had to do a program.. a number of things not mentioned in the article. Failure to do what he was supposed to may have lead to the warrant and arrest.

      1. trj says:

        Oh I see they had to add water and let the evidence grow like a tree. YOU should not be calling people stupid before YOU look in the mirror. The fact remains if it was a regular citizen they would have been treated MUCH differently.

    2. MT says:

      Read. They stated in the article they don’t know what he was arrested for this time.
      They only referenced his prior arrest to speckle the story with something supplemental.

    3. nevadat says:

      I think you missed somehting,,,,,,, he had already been arrested,,,,,, convicted,,,, sentenced, to 17 days in jail in June,,, he did not report for that,,,, he did not complete the counselling program,,,, and did not report to his probation officer……… he failed to meet the terms the court had set,,,,,,,, so they went and got him,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, quite common ,,,,,, judges feel u may not repect the law or their court……..

  5. redneckwriter says:

    People, please proof read and it’s called Spell Check” for a reason. Try it once in a while.

    1. Matt says:

      They have spell check on this site? Where?

  6. tazman666 says:

    I see criminals everyday get away with a lot, far worse than a DUI. Today’s court system is a joke. Cops put people in jail, they don’t keep them there, learn about the justice system. A DUI is not a felony unless there are injuries or death, or in some cases, if there are over 5 DUI’s in the previous 7 years. Obviously he is not ”
    getting away with it” if there was a warrant and he is in jail currently.. Cops with “bad attitudes” is probably due to people constantly blaming cops for the justicce system, and cops trying to do their job and hindered by the very system they try to enforce..

    1. trj says:

      Not all cops are bad but the percentage of them that are is getting higher and higher. MOST cops have an attitude towards the public and ARE treated MUCH differently than the people they are supposed to serve. I have friends that are really cool cops and I know cops that are real douchbags. Too bad the douchbags are winning.

  7. RW says:

    This is not a case of a bad rouge cop or anything of that sort. This is a good officer and a good human being that got a little too involved with the bottle around the holidays and that is all.

    He showed some poor judgment in this case but he isn’t a “bad cop” he just did a bad thing.

    I hope he gets enrolled in a program to help him with his drinking if it in fact is a problem.

    1. John Betgeorge says:

      i totally agree with all you have said!

    2. Laurie209 says:

      Wait a minute. He is a bad cop. He failed to report to jail for a 17 day stint. He surely would have been in court if he was the arresting officer of a drunk driver and child endangerment. He also would have been out looking for the offender if he didn’t show up for his jail time. Plain and simple. And he does have a problem. He broke the law and refused to take the punishment like anyone else would have to do.

    3. trj says:

      Yet if it was an average citizen there would be cries of “criminal” and “Lock him up”. NO ONE would even come out and say “He’s not a bad guy, he just did a bad thing” or “he showed poor judgement”. If he showed poor judgement he should NOT be a cop and entrusted with a gun. What happens if he “shows poor judgement again”?

  8. Laurie209 says:

    Wow, drunk while driving and endangering a child and he still got paid by the police department. They surely cover their own, don’t they! Wonder if he will actually really be fired or will continue to get his pay while in jail. Wouldn’t put it past them .Cover,cover, cover!

  9. Whitey2 says:

    U never see the white police officers who get busted for dope, alcohol or child endangerment in the news…LOL! Remember no one is perfect, or above the law. I have commend the white race tho, they stick together, protect one another, and lie for each other when they have to.

    1. Howard says:

      Sorry but I’ve seen plenty of white law enforcement officer arrests over the years. You should take off your blinders.

    2. rmcsticks says:

      Really the race card, this is not about race it’s about the dumb a$$ card

      1. Whitey says:

        Just admit it idiot…Whites lie more, get away with everything, can kill and get it dismissed LOL. So take that race card, and grind with it, because u deserve a stupid card, for being so so dumb.

    3. trj says:

      Now it makes sense. YOU must be a racist. YOU DO see white cops in the news for doing things wrong , in fact there was one just a couple of months ago. Could another reason be that maybe most WHITE cops don’t do illegal things? Is that at all possible?

      1. rmcsticks says:

        Whitey your just a dumb a$$ that just wants to see his name in writing. all people are subject to going bad , it’s human nature not a race thing.but being stupid is a life choise

  10. americasmostwanted says:

    Punk A@@ Punk! I hate cop’s…..They’re all bad! Whether good or bad. The fact that they serve entities that abuse authority and commit all kind’s of act’s of violense against inmates behind close door’s doesn’t sit well with me. They are the real criminal’s by violating the rights of others instead of upholding the law with dignity & recepect that I know for a fact does not exist within their walls. The public doesn’t know what acts of violense are committed towards fellow inmates from officers unless you are actually an inmate. It is at that point you’ll have a clear understanding as to why inmates protest! There is violence aimed at inmates from officer’s which like to abuse their authority. And until inmates pull together as a whole and involve an outside entity to investigate, unfortunately it will continue. I’m not trying to get empathy for prisoner’s I’m merely stating the fact that even though they are inmates, they have rights as well just like the average citizen. I’ve been locked up quite a few times and have seen the absolute worse before my eye’s where I found that prison officials were responsible in alot of violent act’s towards prisoners regardless of if you are sane or disabled. They do some very crude things instead of allowing inmates the right to serve their time according to law. I’ve seen men & women beat up pretty bad for nothing. I’ve seen inmates tazed for nothing. I actually had a friend that had health issue’s where he was demanding his asthma medication and they wouldn’t give it to him and he got upset verbally toward police and they used physical force that was unneccessary which ultimately ended his life behind bars. I’ve seen officers set up certain inmates by placing the inmate with for example another inmate that was to be segragated according to gang affiliation in the same cell to watch them fight. I’ve seen officers doing drugs on the job….I mean it’s a shame nowadays that we live in a society where you think the officers that are swore in will uphold the law with dignity & respect but that very few. That’s why I have no sympathy for those that lose their lives in the line of duty because I feel if you want to represent an entity that promotes violence from within than you’re no better than the inmate……Boom!

    1. tazman666 says:

      You are an ignorant individual. Obviously you are in jail.. so I would imagine you know what the work PUNK means personally. You hate cops because you got caught idiot. I imagine you would be the first to call police names and be an idiot full of disrespect for authority, then when you needed help, you would be all ticked the police didn’t come and help you. My question is simple, If you are constantly disrespected, are you going to rush to help that person out? Probably not! People like you crack me up. You don’t know the first thing about respect, but demand what you are not willing to give. Inmates, criminals, whatever you want to call them, all believe they have a right to take from others through force, fear, or violence, and feel they (YOU) are justified by your actions because the “man” holds you down.

      There is bad in every element of societal status my ignorant friend. I am sure there are model inmates who are truely sorry for their crime. Just as equal, there are bad correctional officers, cops, attorneys, and judges. The quick way not to get into trouble in a jail is not to go to jail to begin with. Obey the law, really, it’s that simple. Take responsibility for your actions PAL, and quit blaming society, the cops, the correctional officers, judge, parents, your DOG, and anything else you can for your incompetence!

  11. Mace says:

    I need all the facts, this guy hasn’t been heard, most likely a witch hunt…after all he is a black…DUH! U know how u white folks turn racist when u get jealous of other races LOL

  12. chris says:

    why was he allowed to be on paid leave this whole time?

  13. lee stevens says:

    Shocking another cop who is supposed to protect us is breaking laws. if they never would have lowerd the standerds for cops these kind of things wouldn’t be happening. This cop endangered his child and the citizens who he is hired to protect just cause he couldnt be bothered getting a taxi .20 is pretty drunk. They abuse thier power, shoot unarmed citizens, they dont prevent crime and complain about the job they took an oath to do .If they dont like it they should find a new job. they should wuit harrasing kids for skateboarding and loud music and put criminals like ther fellow cops in jail

  14. christina says:

    paid administrative leave, wow thats something. It doesnt surprize me a bit, first off he is upper brass (a sergent)second he is other than white. it may not be this officer pulling the race card but its probaly his union appointed attorney that is.I just cant see his attorney telling this officer that he doesnt have to serve his jail sentence though. seeing that this police officer has already been to court on this issue. there is more to the story..
    i am sure this sergent is waiting for Internal Affairs to finish their investigation. I believe its the Mayor of Stockton and city counsel that decide if their going to fire him or put him back on the force. Police officers are humans just like you and I. nobody is perfect. those who are the first to critize on something they dont know the whole story on just shows there ignorance-Just saying.

  15. Ray Kevin says:

    If he is being held accountable for his actions why don’t we start with the very top leadership of this nation first? It seems to me there are many questions to other high crimes that get completely erased that involves the lives of people of many nations being victimized by our leaders here and abroad which leads to many of the smaller crimes committed by citizens. You see you must lead by good example and our leaders haven’t been what we would consider great roll models by any standard! Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

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