SACRAMENTO (AP) — It’s not quite a cat fight, but it’s close.

Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday sent a catty letter to California lawmakers in signing a bill that allows dead mountain lions to be stuffed and displayed in museums so long as they were not illegally killed.

The Democratic governor reasoned that if Democrats and Republicans showed the same “energetic bipartisan spirit” in stuffing dead mountain lions, then surely they can work with him on encouraging job growth in California.

Many of the governor’s budget and economic initiatives, including ones to promote alternative energy and closing a tax loophole that sends jobs out of state, failed to gain enough support this year.

The bill, SB769 by Republican Sen. Jean Fuller of Bakersfield, creates an exemption for displaying the protected species.

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Comments (6)
  1. LOL says:

    Where is everyone ?. These stories are all boring without the comments. havent seen anything all day…

  2. sanitywillprevail says:

    Hey LOL- Game on! Maybe we should be looking at a law that allows stuffing and displaying worthless politicians in museums. But then there would be such a plethera of them, nobody would want one…(Bet this would get huge bi-partisan activity. Tee-hee-hee)

  3. jamal says:

    who really cares about this topic….boring

  4. jamal says:

    i wanna know whey can i stuff my first zombie……….you guys can laugh, but soon they will arrive without notice….

  5. fenceamerica says:

    “closing a tax loophole that sends jobs out of state” Its the tax structure and regulatory structure that sends jobs out of state! Closing the loopholes will only send more jobs out of state your dummys!!

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