STOCKTON (CBS13) — A young girl and her father were injured after a violent encounter with a robbery suspect in their home early Sunday morning, according to police.

The Stockton Police Department said 21-year-old Robert Garcia was walking home from a bar when he broke into the 2300 block of Wagner Heights Road just after 4:30 a.m., heading straight to the room of a 12-year-old girl.

When the girl woke up and saw the shirtless suspect laying down on top of her, she screamed, and Garcia allegedly punched her in the face repeatedly, police said.

The commotion woke up other family members, who found the man leaving the girl’s bedroom and attempted to restrain him. After a struggle that left the girl’s father injured, Garcia was restrained until police arrived, authorities said.

Garcia is facing charges of residential robbery, battery and child abuse. The injured victims are being treated for non-life threatening injuries.

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  1. peter parker says:

    how do you know the criminal is an illegal alien?

    1. jb says:

      he doesnt hes just a racist idiot. “illegal alien” = brown person. anchor baby is a term used to describe a person who was born here to someone not originally born in america, which is funny, cause that makes everyone except native americans “anchor babies’, but thats where the idiot side of it comes into play, it blinds him from the obvious truth that he himself would in fact be an ‘anchor baby’. the racism is what makes him think that just because his last name is garcia, that he must be hispanic of some origin, or have had some hispanic marry into his family at some point in history, making him an ‘illegal alien’

  2. david says:

    there is nothing in this story that indicates anyone involved is an illegal. why there is such hatred of others is a mystery particularly when no facts or evidence is reported or found. though illegals are a problem the biggest problem, threat, for the usa are the chinese who nearly own us. there are over a billion chinese on the mainland not counting those living all over the world including the usa. they too as group have illegals among them and most likely with anchor babies too. why such hatred against the hispanics, latinos, whatever, remains a mystery when their threat is minimal at best.

  3. illegals are Sponges says:

    Also deport the Anchor Children before they breed ( usually around the age of 11 per La Raza)

  4. Whitey says:

    Can any of you bleeding hearts think of a single reason why this ‘man’ shouldn’t be permanently removed from the earth?

  5. MAC49 says:

    Can not think of even one!

  6. rmcsticks says:

    if he is not hit with atempted rap on a minor then the DA’s office should all be fired… we are all tired of the DA’s office letting these POS back on the street, you can bet this POS has a record.

  7. rmcsticks says:

    Opps I ment rape

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