By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — There’s been another crime alert on the campus of Sacramento State, this time involving men posing as security officers.

Sac State Police are now on the lookout for the imposters, the latest warning on the heels of a string of other reported crimes, including an indecent exposure report and a series of car part thefts. In a three month span last school year, there were six sexual assaults reported and one non-sexual attack.

This time it happened in the middle of the day, 1 p.m., in the River Front center.

The student says that two men told her they needed her to help them with an investigation in a nearby parking garage, but there was no parking lot investigation and the two men were not in uniform, so she didn’t go.

Turns out, Sac State does not employ plainclothes security officers.

“I hope that I wouldn’t go with them, but you want to trust authority, you want to trust security on campus,” student Brandi Baker said.

Word spread through campus Tuesday, with police postings and word of mouth.

Jenny Chabriel has been following all the crime updates.

“I’m aware of it,” she said. “I have a late-night class and the women always make sure to walk together.”

Police recently responded to the sexual assault reports with more outreach on campus, including adding patrols to dormitories, and launching Facebook and Twitter accounts.

“There’s really nothing you can do other than keep people alert about the dangers that there are,” student Reasse Vasquez said. “But it’s pretty commonsense.”


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