STOCKTON (CBS13) — Thousands of marijuana plants were discovered at Stockton warehouse on Tuesday morning.

Police made the discovery after a report of a burglary at the warehouse on Vicki Lane at about 11 a.m. When they got there they found 17 men who they later detained, and room after room of marijuana plants.

“There’s too many to count,” said Officer Pete Smith.

Cops are now trying to figure out if the grow is legal. They say the men initially told them the pot is but won’t tell police who owns the building or provide any documentation. Police say even if there is a marijuana license for the property, the city never knew about it.

“What we know we do have is a very sophisticated, very large marijuana grow going on in this building,” Smith said.

That wasn’t welcome news to neighbor Rachel Rodriguez.

“It’s scary,” she said. “It makes you feel really uncomfortable.”

Neighbors are unnerved by the discovery of the large grow so close to where kids play..
They say this is the second time in just weeks that there’s been trouble at the warehouse.

April grijalva
“A few weeks ago a U-Haul truck was stolen and they rammed down … came thru the fence right here,” April Grijalva said.

Now neighbors wonder what was inside that stolen truck and exactly what’s been going on inside this warehouse.

“I’m stunned, shocked,” Grijalva said.

Comments (4)
  1. Selmers says:

    Ya! Because its dangerous for kids to play near where plants are growing! STFU!

  2. moonlightowl says:

    Seriously, how many Warehouses have been broken into and all the copper is stripped from them. Never a word about how dangerous those crooks are to kids. How about all the drive by’s in Stockton? There was no shooting here. This looks liek cops got lucky, saw something, needed probable cause and here we are.

  3. tperkin says:

    Just legalize it and think of all the $$$ you’ll save

  4. biatch please says:

    That wasn’t welcome news to neighbor Rachel Rodriguez.

    are you freagin kidding me!? your people bring in alot more then pot. The cocaine and heroin industry is supplied by no other then….?

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