SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Hundreds of protesters are planning to demonstrate against corporate America in Sacramento on Thursday.

They say they’re joining in solidarity with protesters in Manhattan who are demonstrating against what they call Wall Street greed.

The local group is calling itself “Occupy Sacramento.” Hundreds have been arrested in new york so far for civil disobedience.

The local protesters will be meeting at Caesar Chavez Park in Sacramento on Thursday at 10 a.m.

They say they plan on occupying the park until Oct. 15.

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  1. Kyle says:


    1. ctamen says:

      It must be nice – blaming others for your plight. Who is financing this group? Based on the comments so far they appear to be another left wing attempt to rally the socialist cause. Listen boys and girls, Socialism doesn’t work because you run out of other people’s money. Ask Greece.

  2. Hippiehntr says:

    We don’t need obuma’s socialist nonsense. We also don’t need a park full of lazy deadbeats interferring with downtown Sacramento.

  3. Wake up says:

    Corporate greed, another hollow buzz word. Go out get a job, join the rest of the human race. Can’t get a job, BS, hustle, there is work out there, reinvent yourself. Stop living on government entitlements and other peoples hard work. Sick of these lazy, lay down, and cry people with no drive and ambition. The corporations are profit fueled entities not charity organizations, understand that, they do not owe you anything they are a business, they do create jobs. Welcome to the new America, lazy, over educated, people who want everything handed to them.

  4. Julian says:

    Drunk on the changing view.

    It’s nice to play the part of hero, but when time comes to take responsibility, where does all their self-righteousness go?

    I support their right to protest – I don’t support their non-existent message. I see them as hypocrites. The economic system they so despise have made possible for their education, their clothing, their food, their way of life…

    As they strap on their Converse, Adidas, and Nike; roll out in financed cars and trendy bicycles, drink energy drinks, shout a variety of messages, and all while rallying behind an idea:

    Let’s fix it.

    These tools don’t even know which side the head of the hammer is on.

    When you pricks get to Cesar Chavez Park, I want you to look around, especially by the main branch of the Sac library. What do you see? Homeless.

    That’s right, homeless people. Most of them in Cesar Chavez are just down on their luck, they are kind and friendly, and most just want security of living – What are you going to do for these people? Nothing.

    Feed them, treat them how you want to be treated, so them that humanity, and I’d join your cause in an instant – But what you won’t do that. You’ll do what every other protest has done, and blithely march past, and ignore them, just like everyone else.

    99% fighting against the 1%?

    Give me a break.

    1. Taylor Brickner says:

      you shouldnt be talking about things you arent aware of, we are outreaching to the homeless community in sacramento as much as possible we have invited them to camp with us, the people putting this together are doing it for you and your children and you are sitting here talking about them like they are a waste of life. it is wrong and i hope it at least makes you feel good

  5. Cbendan says:

    Camping at Wino Park… I’m sooooo sure that will make the corporate greed go away. LOL! Do you really think those at the top care if you hold signs and camp in the rain? The only thing they understand is money. Find a better way.

    1. Taylor Brickner says:

      thats why step number 2 is boycotts…

      1. Terry Ingram says:

        I plan to attend the protest and would like to discuss possible gas boycotts in the
        Sacramento area. Looking forward to seeing you there.

  6. nocrybabies says:

    How do you get a bunch of worthless losers together……… Protest something.

  7. ihatethenannystate says:

    Since most are already sleeping in the park anyway, it’s not much of a trek for them.

  8. Julian says:

    You shouldn’t jump to conclusions so easily. I’m basing my judgments on past experience at Cesar Chavez Park. The only people I see regularly out there are a Christian group, a pair of CSUS professors, and some vegan restaurant folks that gives hot meals. There’s also several events each year where the police force the homeless out. They’ve even gone so far as to take the benches from outside the library to keep the homeless from lingering too long.

    We’ll what your protests do come Thursday and Saturday.

    Your attitude towards me is disrespectful and typical of someone who doesn’t have a point to make. I want you to do nothing for me because I’m responsible for myself – Any act of charity I give towards another person, is just that, an act of charity and that means I expect nothing in return for it. Your attitude is that I should be appreciative for what you perceive you are doing for me.

    I believe in capitalism and the golden rule.

  9. Power says:

    Remember, remember the 5th of November!

  10. keep your eyes open says:

    something i read on another site, which sounded good to me

    Oh my lord, you people complaining about the “dirty hippie” protestors, without jobs, on welfare, etc etc are SO F_____ING IGNORANT, it makes my head spin.
    All you’ve proven is that you’re a media sucker. Of COURSE the media is showing you those images… for one thing, Wall Street owns the media. For another, the media is there to entertain you, not inform you, nothing more.
    There is a huge variety of people out there marching and/or protesting, who are outraged at Wall Street’s role in the recession.
    There’s also a reason they started at Wall Street and not Washington DC. Wall Street owns Congress. If you don’t know that, you’d better start digging your head out of the sand, because you really are clueless. Not only Congress, but the media and the NYPD. Before you laugh, answer me two questions: Why did JP Morgan donate $4.6 million dollars to the NYPD, the largest donation in its history, right before the NYPD arrested more than 700 people on the Brooklyn Bridge? And why have no mainstream media outlets reported this? And why did it take them two weeks to start reporting on the protests in the first place? I guess that’s three questions.
    As for a “message”, if you don’t get the message, you are beyond a sheep, you’re beyond having your head in the ground, you’re just plain stupid. The message is, obviously, that Wall Street is not only behind the recession of 2007 to current, they have, in fact, profited from the housing market collapsing, from the government bailouts.. All these events that have crippled the 99% have made them even filthier and richer. They ship our jobs overseas, lay us off, and award themselves monumental bonuses. Then when they pass us in the welfare line, they spit on us, call us lazy, and wonder why we don’t just get a damn job already and stop living off “handouts”. (As if the government bailouts were anything else…) If that doesn’t make you mad, well… you’re probably one of the people I’m marching against. I’m not on welfare. I don’t have food stamps. I have a good paying job. I’m not a “dirty hippie”, I’m about as WASP-y and educated and middle class as they come. But you can damn well be sure I’ll be out with thousands of other people.
    They probably won’t show me on the news though, because I’m not eccentric enough to entertain the losers who are used to watching reality TV.

    hello, time for everyone to wake up.

  11. L. Krieb says:

    Correction, the “Big Banks” and the “Wall St. Titans” don’t own Washington, They own the “Republicans”.

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