The one and only Sean Salisbury stopped in for his weekly visit with Dave. Sean was on his game as always when discussing the recent statements made by Brett Favre towards Aaron Rodgers. He discussed in more detail his career at ESPN, and talked about the insecurities NFL Quarterbacks have as well as the depression most athletes deal with after they call it quits.

Kunal Merchant the Chief of Staff for Mayor Kevin Johnson came on to discuss the recent meetings in Dallas regarding the new Sports and Entertainment Complex. Updating the listeners on what is new and developing in the situation as well as the recent expansion in the city of Sacramento (Crocker Art Museum, and the New Terminal) how it is all beneficial to not only the city but the arena effort.

Jamey Eisenberg from CBS Sports stopped in to talk fantasy football with Dave. He helped Dave get the right starters for his team as well as answered questions from the callers and the texters about possible trades to make and who to start and sit this weekend.


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