SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Despite the arrests of dozens of protesters Thursday, demonstrators promised to remain in Cesar Chavez Park until midnight Friday and maintain their presence in Sacramento through the weekend.

Participants in the Occupy Sacramento protest returned early Friday morning to continue to call for

Many demonstrators said their basic message is to stand up for the 99 percent of the population that they say is being left out of government, but heated debates about more specific goals for the movement were heard among participants throughout the day.

Although the protest was peaceful, some demonstrators repeatedly asked media members to stop recording the event. CBS13 faced a much more hostile crowd during Thursday’s event, but Friday’s participants said the hecklers don’t represent the growing movement.

“Those are individuals acting how they feel they are justified,” said Occupy Sacramento spokesperson Chris MacDonald. “I can’t speak on behalf of those people.”

The protesters said they planned to leave Cesar Chavez park at midnight Friday but return at 5:00 a.m. Saturday.

About 20 people were arrested after Thursday’s park curfew when they refused to leave the protest. Those arrested are scheduled to appear in court October 26.

Comments (120)
  1. Airus Amall says:

    call out there names who are these people…..and keep their names out on the poster boards… mellon,,whitney’s….pratts, rockerfellers,,,,keep their names and their business

  2. Dante Carpino says:

    round them all up and send them to Iran and maybe they will learn something. These are the ones that heard thier Mastas call;; get up, putcha marchin shoes on, and raise hell like I do.

    1. falcon says:

      So you are another invertabrate with an opinion big deal you move to Iran.

  3. newie68 says:

    Let’s be real for a moment shall we. Business will always prevail!! If you regulate their profits down they will simply find another way to make money! That is what they do! And, if you remove their ability to make a profit all together, they will move elsewhere. Sound familiar? If you really want a socialist form of government, move to Venezuela, Cuba or Greece. Let’s see how that works our for you!!! Government does NOT create jobs!! Business does and the more money you take from them the less jobs they will create!! That is a proven fact!!! Sorry kids, if you wanna get out of your parents basement, you are gonna have to get a F@CKING job!!!

    1. falcon says:

      You started out your post well unfortunately you dont think everything through. If a corporation closes or leaves because of what YOU call over regulation being this is a capitolist country someone else will start another corp in its place and will set it up to deal with the regulations of it field of business. This is not a socialist or communist gov. You dont get to have it both ways you have basically setup you own unregulated scenario and you are wrong.

      1. Snarf says:

        No, you didn’t think everything thru…I’ll keep going with your example.

        Corporation A closes or leaves because of the COST of over-regulation. Not for spite, not to teach the government a lesson, but because they cannot be cost-competitve. So for this example, they move to India, who is more than happy to have them.

        Corporation B starts up in the US in place of Corporation A. Now with the same burdens that Corporation A had, they also cannot be cost-competitive, ironically, with Corporation A, who manufactures in India and still sells in the same market as Corporation B, but at 20% lower prices and still making healthy profits.

        In case you hadn’t guessed, this is NOT a “hypothetical”…this is a REAL WORLD example that happens on a daily basis.

        My company did this…does this, and if you don’t work for the government…so does YOURS!

      2. Falcon says:

        I provide a local service only nothing to out source. I am howerver forced by laws that were bought and paid for by CORPORATIONS that are much larger than mine to puchase parts and materials that are made in China If there was no money allowed in politics then the elected politicians would be willing pass laws and repeal laws that make it illegal to do what you are saying. They would have no choice if they wanted to keep there jobs since they would have no option but listen to the 99% All of the money has all but destroyed competition in this country.If the SEC were not bought and paid for by who ever was last elected they would enforce the laws that guarantee competition.

  4. Uncle Bob says:

    Here’s the problem people. There were three groups that contributed to the current financial crisis. Denying that any of these three had resposibility is denying fact.
    The first was Congress who passed laws that forced fiancial institutions to reduce the credit rating score limits used fro deciding home loans. Congress thought that this would be a good thing and increase home ownership. But it actually set people up to fail. People with those lower credit rating scores were not prepared fiancially or personally for commitments to long term home loans.
    Second was the banks who knew that the lower rating mortagages were a bad idea, but since the congress forced them into it, they came up with even more dump ideas to use like adjustable rate mortgages and no-interest loans and smiled as people took these loans and then handed the loans back to the government.
    The third are the people who were dumb enought ot take these loans. All the information was there to show them it was a bad idea … but they listened to their politians and they ignored all of the details in the paperwork the bank gave and they thought we can sell the house in two years and we’ll make lots of money!. Yes, personal greed by the individual was also in play.
    All of the “Occupiers” seem to want to acknowledge is that the Banks were responsible. They completely leave out the resposibility of the government and that of the individual … because hey, there personal greed is still going at high gear … trying to get something they have not earned and have no right to … namely the money I go to work everyday and earn.
    Oh and that 99% number isn’t the number of people they represent … it’s the amount they want the governement to take and spend on them.

    1. Rick Williams says:

      Spot on, Uncle Bob! Thank you for pointing that out.

  5. Lisa says:

    This story has been up all day and CBS Sac still hasn’t taken the time to proofread it. . .sad. . . I bet if it were a sports story it would be complete!
    I support the right of the protesters to protest peacefully, if they are following all applicable laws (including park curfews and not blocking entrance to businesses, roads etc). It is a little suspect to me that I saw a large group of young men playing night football at that park at almost midnight a few weeks ago and the cops had no reason to shut them down. But peaceful protesters? they are all over it.
    Yes there were more forces at work behind our current financial crisis than just the banks and greed was heavily involved on almost everyone’s part, from those who could not afford the loans to those who wanted deregulation in the first place to those who sold the bad securities, those who passed bad fiscal policy for the last 20-30 years, those who starved the treasury through outrageous tax cuts for the wealthy while increasing spending 77% (as compared to GDP) in 8 years (that was Bush btw, spending has only increased 7% under Obama according the official GAO numbers). . . . . the list goes on and on. Our country is in trouble and if you ask me, THAT is what many of the “Occupy” protesters are really highlighting, not just the involvement of the banks. I say good for them for not taking all of this sitting down.

    1. Joseph says:

      Back to school Lisa, Obama has spent almost 5 ” TRILLION ” in 2 1/2 years

      thats not 7% by any stretch of the imagination!!!

      1. Lisa says:

        The figure I cited was for INCREASE in spending as % of the current GDP, please do read carefully before you respond. Spending went up dramatically during the Bush years in certain areas, mainly defense, corporate kickbacks, and things like “Faith Based initiatives.” But the Republicans were ok with it then because it was THEIR kind of spending, i.e., the profits went mostly to them and their closest buddies. People like to say “Obama” spent so much in his time in office however they are looking at Gov’t outlay in general, not the product of this administration’s policies. He has fought tooth and nail to end some of the worst drains on our treasury, only to be blocked at every turn. Spending increases NOT mandated by prior policies have been close to zero in his administration (minus the Wall Street bailout which was a disaster on all fronts). Don’t blame one man for years and years of bad fiscal policy and a congress hell-bent on destroying Government and our entire financial system.

  6. Snarf says:

    Obama is in bed with all of the unions, as is his DOJ and NLRB…so how can government be ignoring “99 percent” of the people?

    Obama is a major advocate of the nanny state and wealth redistribution, as is his EPA, DHHS, DOE, and others – so how can government be ignoring “99 percent” of the people?

    99 percent is a silly class warfare bromide/talking point, that means nothing.

    If you keep attacking the 1%, they are going to take their ball and go home, then see how you feel about that remaining 99 percent.

    1. falcon says:

      Use your head. This is a capitalist country. They dont get to take the ball when they go home. Me and many others like me will step up and take their place when they go home, the only difference will be we will do it better charge less for it follow regulations and not charge you extra for the goods and sevices that we provide so that we can line the pockets of politicians. You can whine all you want until the money is taken OUT of politics you will have plenty to whine about.

      1. Snarf says:

        “Use your head. This is a capitalist country. They dont get to take the ball when they go home.”

        Wanna bet? How come history has proven again and again and again: from the Depression-era tax cuts, to JFK’s tax cuts, and Reagan and GW’s tax cuts: when you lower the highest tax rate, “rich people” pay more taxes, and when you raise them, they pay less.

        This is the EQUIVALENT of taking your ball and going home, in a capitalistic country.

        Use YOUR head!

      2. Falcon says:

        You are out of your mind!! What you just typed makes no sense at all. I will see you in Sacramento tomorrow. I know I am close to being in that 1%.

      3. Snarf says:

        You saying that “makes no sense at all”…pretty much tells me all I needed to know.

        If you are close to being in that 1%, you are the next target, Jackwagon…use your noodle!

      4. Falcon says:

        I will probably never see that 1% at my age because I refuse to overcharge my customers so that I will have the money to give to politicians that would help me get there. I am in the Buffet category I believe that the majority is being consistent wronged by the top 1% in the name of money.TAKE ALL MONEY OUT OF POLITICS and most of our problems will go away. This republican will see you in Sacramento on Sunday.

      5. Snarf says:

        You naive nube…1% is only the START.

        Do you know the AMT was put in place in 1969 to target ONLY 155 families in America who were supposedly “not paying a penny in income taxes”, and now hits MILLIONS of people?

        The “Top 1%” of American wage earners put you in the $250K range. The Oblameo administration makes no designation between two college professors living in an ultra-expensive cost of living city like NYC making $250K/year, or Warren Buffet.

        This is why the Redistributor in Chief has permamently lost the independents, and why he will himself be looking for a job in 1 Year, 2 Months, 25 Days, 17 HRs, and 53 Minutes…but not like I’m counting.

      6. Falcon says:

        Keep sitting on your ass watching the calender and cable news and see what that gets you other than a sore ass and bad opinions. It is people like you that will cause him to get reelected. You directly caused his election this time. Thanks a lot!

    2. Crusader says:

      Prof G thanks for your reply. We need some legal expert input on how the citizens can call for a recall of the legislature due to mismanagement, malfeasance, and corruption, and to hold a special election.
      There may be a historical precedent for this action since California has often been plagued by corrupt politicians. If the taxpaying citizens call for an election, why would the law allow for corporations to contribute election campaign money to overwhelm the voice of the citizen voters? The citizens have been bamboozled by
      corporate lobbyists and need to reclaim their legal rights to a govt that represents the people instead of only moneyed interests.
      (The 1% have already taken their profits and invested them in Asia and good riddance to them.)

      1. Profg says:

        Crusader, A quick note to you. I know how to recall a specific California legislator but do not know how to recall the entire California legislature. This would be historical in its impact and importance…the people would be heard loudly and clearly if such a recall could take place. Let me do some research. You have a good idea, though, as you realize, there will be many who will scoff at the idea. But good ideas have been scoffed at before and then acted upon decisively. The discontent in California, and elsewhere, is to the point where such a massive recall may hold attraction.

  7. red says:


    1. Nic Kellogg says:

      yes. but soon capitalism will find it’s place in this country…


  8. Dante Carpino says:

    your own President and his banker George Sorois are behind this nationwide march. ;;;after all isn’t Obamas forte COMMUNITY ORGANIZING and stirring up trouble/// YES IT IS!!!!

  9. lushrimbaugh says:

    How do we describe the 1994-2006 period of Republican control of the Federal Government? Failure? Wasted? Under achievement? True, the big margins in the House and Senate were not veto-proof, but the real power base of the Rs was not pushed to the maximum degree. In retrospect, the opportunity was there, the voting strength was there, and the popular issues were there. Yet the opportunity was — my word — squandered. It could be a long time before such an opportunity comes again

  10. Smart Dudette says:

    Since you have decided to be around all weekend … would you please clean up the park before you leave. Chavez Park was a real mess after you left on Thursday. Yes, feel free to protest … but also remember to clean up your mess before you leave. Thank you.

  11. Ramus says:

    Watching the news about the Wall Street protests has me wondering if these protesters and the public in in general knows who owns these publicly traded companies. Contrary to what the politicians and the new media would have you believe, a few multi-billionaires do not own American business. The largest portion of stock in publicly traded companies is owned by pension funds and retirement investment accounts. That is right union pensions and annuity accounts, public and private pension plans, 401K and similar investment accounts own most of our business. The largest single retirement plan in the country and thus the largest owner on Wall Street is CALPERS, California Public Employees Retirement System.

    All retirements plans have established an expected level of return on the investments necessary to fund desired retirement levels. This has created tremendous pressure on business for profit and growth in value. To reach these expectations corporate leadership in America has found it necessary to become international companies. They must now look globally for new sources revenue, raw and finished materials and cheaper labor. In short, our desires for a nice retirement are behind the decline of industry and manufacturing in America. We have created our own demise and that of our future generations.

    1. Profg says:

      Ramus, Excellent! People do forget that pensions (including calstrs and calpers and unions), college endowments, mutual funds, IRA accounts (to name but a few) own stocks and bonds…corporate and municipal bonds. So put the clamps on Wall Street and that demonic big business, and you’re putting the clamps on yourselves. shortsightedness rarely pays big (excuse me) dividends!

  12. Nic Kellogg says:

    Our One Clear Demand: TAKE MONEY OUT OF POLITICS!!

    Very simple. I didn’t say it would be easy. It is an extremely complicated and deep-seeded problem that will take time to fix. But if we can’t stop our corrupt politicians from being bought by corporations, we are headed for a financial disaster that none of us want to see. The government does not show signs of changing anything. Unless we remove money and business interest from politics, we will never have a fair system. We’ve been sold out.

    Please watch this video. Dylan Ratigan is a really well spoken journalist, with a background in finance and a passion for what needs to be done to fix our “bought” government system. And in this video, with a ton of energy, he lays out exactly how it should happen.


    1. Falcon says:

      I am aware of Ratigan, he is mostly well spoken though his passions have been known to get away from him at times. It is extremely important to keep the message simple and I think he struggles with that at times. I do agree with him on most of this subject. The message needs to be very clear. REMOVE ALL PRIVATE MONEY AND LOBBYING FROM FEDERAL AND STATE POLITICS AND ELECTIONS. FUND ALL ELECTIONS WITH PUBLIC MONIES. If we can get this done our lives will improve massively.

      1. Nic says:

        The reality is that these are really complicated financial issues we’re dealing with. And we’re trying to overpower the ones who know the most about it – wall street. Who better than someone straight from that industry to be our spokesperson?? It may get a little cloudy sometimes. But these bankers have created a FOG that we now have to find our way through.

      2. Profg says:

        Agree 100%. But with the fox (Congress) guarding the hen house (proposed laws to regulate financial contributions to campaigns) we may not get anything done UNLESS we elect those to Congress who vow that they will severely limit or eliminate interest group contributions to political campaigns. This is a reason why the protests should be aimed at Congress AND our State legislature.

      3. Falcon says:

        Very true however at the state level there is an opportunity there, At the Federal level this will fall on deaf ears. To ignore the current class of federal legislators and target whomever considers politics as a future opportunity is where the efforts will produce the most fruit. If we make it obvious this is our main complaint all future politicians will have it on top of their list of things to do. As for the current congress it will be on the bottom of their bucket lists. I do .appreciate your thoughtful posts keeps me thinking

      4. Profg says:

        Thank you, Falcon. I appreciate your thoughtful comments as well. We all must THINK our way through this problem. There is an answer that will be practical that will provide a solution. Collectively our thought process will find the way!

      5. Falcon says:

        Agreed thanks. On my way to Sacramento. If you watch the news I am the old guy. or at least one of them I hope.

      6. Crusader says:

        Funding all elections with public money only and using free TV time on public radio and public TV for election campaigns only will go a long way towards returning control of govt to the citizens instead of corrupt global corporations.

      7. Profg says:

        Crusader, This is an ideal solution (and I don’t mean idealistic) to the problem. We can accomplish this, I think, only through legislators who are in favor of strict limitations on campaign financing. Campaign time on public radio and tv stations is the way that it’s handled in Poland. In this country, we have public radio and tv that stay on the air by paid commercials. Commercial media could devote so many prime-time minutes (or column-inches of print) to each major party candidate. Many problems arise with this concept, but it’s a start in the thought process. With many of us interested, we may collectively come up with some viable answers. Keep thinking!

  13. Crusader says:

    Sincere thanks to all the protesters who make the effort to protest against the globalist corporations that have corrupted our congress and collapsed our economy.The protesters are true American patriots exercising their Constitutional right to Freedom of Speech on behalf of all American citizens.!

  14. Crusader says:

    ProfG:A State recall of the failed California State legislature is a worthwhile purpose for this 99% Occupy movement. A peaceful legal replacement of the failed Legislature by the citizens. Get rid of the bogus “voting re-districting” games and go back to the State Constitutional guidelines for elections. Get rid of the career politicians who have participated in the destruction of our economy.
    No guillotines required:).

    1. Profg says:

      The vote is mightier than the guillotine any day! I am in total agreement: the career politicians have destroyed this great state and its economies. This California Redistricting Commission is nothing but a joke. Just another political tool for the powers that be!

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