Jason Ross filled in for Grant again today. Jason talked about the upcoming week in the NFL, fantasy football, and the NBA lockout. Jason interviewed Daryl Johnston, Michael Fabiano, Darren Rovell, Charles Johnston and Ian Eagle.

Daryl “Moose” Johnston from Fox Sports came on with Jason today. Daryl is calling the 49ers and Buccaneers game for Fox this weekend. Jason and Daryl discussed the 49ers 3-1 start to the season, how they’ve been able to be successful, and if they’ll continue to be successful despite the lack of a potent offense. Then they talked about Johnston’s former team, the Dallas Cowboys, and quarterback Tony Romo.

Michael Fabiano of NFL Network and NFL.com was on with Jason today to talk about fantasy football. Jason first asked about waiver wire gems for week 5. Callers and people on the text line were able to ask Michael questions. People asked questions about which running backs, wide receivers, and quarterbacks to start. Michael also talked extensively about good quarterback matchups for week 5.

Darren Rovell from CNBC/Versus was on with Jason today. They talked about sports business, as well as Darren’s show tomorrow night on Versus. Jason asked about Rovell’s random food tweets, and ended with a discussion about the best World Series financially for the MLB.

Charles Davis from Fox Sports and NFL Network was on with Jason today. They talked a lot about college football. Charles first discussed the upcoming games this weekend and which ones will be the ones to watch. After that they talked about conference realignment and TCU’s possible move to the Big 12.

Ian Eagle from CBS Sports came on with Jason today. Ian will be calling the Raiders and Texans game on Sunday. First they talked about the Texans and Raiders offense and how good each teams running backs are. After that they talked about the Raiders potential on defense. They briefly covered the NBA lockout, as Ian calls games for the New Jersey Nets.


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