SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento police arrested several anti-Wall Street protesters who refused to leave a downtown park overnight.

Sacramento police made several announcements to the crowd gathered at Cesar Chavez Park saying the protesters had to leave because the park was closed.

Officers armed with tazers, batons, and pepperball guns then surrounded the crowd and began making arrests.

Police say they arrested 19 people.

One of the men arrested overnight, a Sacramento ACLU board member, spoke with CBS13 Friday morning after being released. Cres Vellucci says the arrested protesters were issued a letter on their release banning them from Cesar Chavez Park for life.

“What I plan on doing in just a few hours is talk with some of our attorneys and get them to challenge the order we were given when we were released just a few minutes ago,” said Vellucci. “On its face, the way I read it, it is unconstitutional. It’s an attempt to intimidate people like any of us who believe in the right to free speech and to protest non-violently.”

Earlier Report: Some ‘Occupy Sacramento’ Protesters Lash Out At Questions

“Occupy Sacramento,” which was portrayed as the local foothold for the rally that has entered its third week in front of Wall Street in New York City, drew impassioned speakers and a wide variety of viewpoints when the rally began Thursday morning.

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  1. Smart Dude says:

    looks like they got what they wanted … government sponsored transportation … a government paid bed … a government paid meal … now go take more from the rich so they can have even more “from the government”.

    1. Ryan says:

      Actually there were no beds provided at all. The people were kept in an apartment-room sized holding tank with one wooden bench and many of them had to lay on the concrete floor through the night because there was no other room. The meal was rice and outmeal. Not exactly business class finery but you’d have to have been there to know that instead of making it up as you go. Did you want a check and protection on your constitutional rights at all or did you want the rest of them to go in the shredder?

      1. Uncle Bob says:

        a classic example of getting what you asked for … and it being not what you wanted …

  2. Bubba says:

    See only illegals can protest without being aressted in the park Americans go to jail come on America California lets get out and show who boss AMERICANS OR ILLEGALS LETS PROTEST !

  3. Eh2Zed says:

    As Lenin once said, Useful Idiots.

  4. Park of fools says:

    what a bunch of losers, The fat guy with the funky beard, “Why are you here?”.. “Ah, it’s kinda vague” What an idiot………. The girl in the red “I’m here to support the people”. ,,, What a dingbat. Your typical welfare collecting, dope smoking, professional protesters………. They all will be losers for the rest of their lives…………..Ha, Ha.

  5. Steven R. Smith says:

    The protesters that spoke on camera (useful idiots) couldn’t string a coherent sentence or explanation together if their life depended on it. Another fine example of our failed education system. The lady with the baby should be arrested for child neglect and that child taken away from her. She’s an unfit mother. Typical welfare, looser mentality.

  6. EightCats Home says:

    I’m landed gentry (inherited) so I felt disqualified to protest the inequity of our civil society. Here’s how it looks to me. A tenth of the protesters stuck it out and got arrested. The tea partiers could never get that many people to “put up or shut up.” It looks to me like the Tea Party has begun to see it’s class counterpart. See the similarities? the incoherence – the messiness – the hidden violence (at least no firearms or muder plots)? Same class but with a liberal political agenda? You could call them the children of the Tea Partiers. Conservatives always try to eat their children if there aren’t enough “others” to discriminate against.

    1. Ron says:

      Thanks for the laugh today! The tea party class counterpart! how about the polar opposite? Keep reading those liberal websites or maybe try going to a tea party function to see what really is happening! thanks for the laugh!

  7. Smart Dude says:

    Just thinking outloud … but wasn’t part of the fianacial crisis caused because the banks gave out too many loans to people who simply couldn’t pay them back? (which is what Congress ordered them to do)
    Oh wait … now I get it … they don’t want banks and Corporate America to LOAN them money … they want them to just give it to them … because of course, they are “entitled” to it.
    I think I know what their rally cry should be now (help them out here with a little direction) … they should just say “SHOW ME THE MONEY” …

  8. Ron says:

    This is sad yet funny, as the people complain about the greed and wall street in general, corporate money…etc. George Soros is sponsoring the protest through groups like: Additionally, the rich movie stars are joining in and getting a free pass. Then the Unions are injecting their thugs to make sure there is violents. These people should be happy to be in America.

  9. Corporate CEO says:

    The protest is about Greed, if u let Republicans run America, eventually the US economy will be 3rd world country. European countries are toping #5 in weath. Why? Because they are socialism, lol @ America.

    1. big al says:

      If u let morons run America, eventually the US economy will collapse. How many days this year did u work at a job?

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