STOCKTON (AP) — A Stockton couple will be getting nearly half a half a million dollars over their arrest for a murder they didn’t commit.

The Stockton Record reports that San Joaquin County officials have agreed to pay $450,000 to settle a suit brought by Mark Lee Ewing and Heather Marie Ewing.

The Ewings were arrested after a man was stabbed to death during a brawl outside a Stockton bar in 2004.

Two members of a motorcycle gang were later arrested and eventually convicted in the case, but the Ewings ended up spending a week in jail.

County officials approved the settlement payment during a meeting Tuesday.

Earlier this year, the city of Stockton agreed to pay $550,000 to the Ewings to settle the case.

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Comments (9)
  1. lushrimbaugh says:

    How do we describe the 1994-2006 period of Republican control of the Federal Government? Failure? Wasted? Under achievement? True, the big margins in the House and Senate were not veto-proof, but the real power base of the Rs was not pushed to the maximum degree. In retrospect, the opportunity was there, the voting strength was there, and the popular issues were there. Yet the opportunity was — my word — squandered. It could be a long time before such an opportunity comes again

  2. Rob M. says:

    DAMN! 500,000 for a week in jail? SIGN ME UP!

  3. ilyas says:

    you should not be writing in the heading you say $450 in the body you say $550 WHICH ONE IS IT’

    1. Gryphon says:

      Actually read the story. That issue is addressed very clearly.

      1. ilyas says:

        read this then ” half a half a million dollars

    2. Mr A says:

      $450K from San Joaquin County, Earlier this week, they got $550K from City of Stockton. $One million bucks! I wont make that in 20 years! Please come arrest me for a murder I did not commit!

    3. simply says:

      No, it really was addressed very clearly. Read it again,

      “A Stockton couple will be getting nearly half a half a million dollars…..” There it is, “nearly”.

  4. still kicking says:

    Ignore Rob M. and his puny bid for a week. I’ll do a month. In fact, give me a non smoking single room, full yard privileges during the day and high speed Internet and I’ll do a year. And I’ll promise not to post anything offensive here during the time.

  5. margarem2001 says:

    There’s got to be more to this than just a week in jail. Law Enforcement has these magic little words “Probable Cause” that pretty much lets them get away with murder (no pun intended). Reason to believe, probable cause and they can haul any of us off to jail to sort the details later. Gotta be more to this. Perhaps a beating? Wonder what it is?

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