SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Protesters said they will refuse to leave Cesar Chavez Park Saturday night and expect “mass arrests” sometime after midnight.

A media release from organizers of the “Occupy Sacramento” protests said demonstrators are ready to hold firm when police close the park at midnight. City ordinances prevent camping overnight in Sacramento, but protesters said the regulations are a violation of their constitutional rights.

About 20 people were arrested Thursday night after they refused to leave the park.

About 100 protesters moved into midtown Sacramento Saturday evening to occupy the Second Saturday Art Walk, saying they wanted the local vendors to hear their message.

The event was peaceful and no arrests were reported during the day.

The Sacramento protests were inspired by the demonstrations in New York City, dubbed “Occupy Wall Street,” which have lasted for three weeks and continue to grow.

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  1. Forrest, Forrest Gump says:

    After reading your statement … it seems clear … your grammer is poor, spelling even worse, and the all caps makes it appear as if you are yelling. The State pays over $10K a year per student … I guess money really can’t solve “stupid”. And like mama always said, “Stupid is as stupid does”.

    1. Charles Donaldson says:

      Private schools cost more that $10 K. so maybe our schools are underfunded.

      As far as the police in Sacramento, they are very polite and professional. They are their to protect the rights of all including the 99% who are marching. These people are peaceful and do not tolerate foul speech, drugs, alcohol nor violence. The Constitution exists to “establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”. An economic system that benefits only the top 1% is evil. Most want something better for their children. Please support the Occupiers for they speak for what is deep in the heart of the people.

      1. Nancy Pelosi in the Nude says:

        There will all ways be a %1, that is how the normal world works, equality is a dream by lazy hippies and Communist.

      2. Bunny Carlos says:

        “An economic system that benefits only the top 1% is evil.” Pure hyperbole.

    2. GRAMMER says:

      You said “grammer” 😀

      1. sylar says:

        Thats how your name is spelt

    3. me says:

      the problem is schools tech these people to be stupid libs,

      1. jb says:

        well as long as i dont get teched by the same techer that teched you im sure i will be fine, liberal and all.

  2. Smart Dude says:

    Ok, I get it. They want to protest. They want to be heard. They want to stay in the park. Why not start by cleaning up all of the trash you’ve left in the park? Because frankly the only clear message from your group so far is that you are all a bunch of slobs.

  3. watermelisha says:

    Arrest them and don’t let them out until they pay their fines. These morons like to think they’re the bottom 99% when in fact they are the bottom 1%.

    1. Charles Donaldson says:

      They are very law abiding. The arrests are planned as a form of protest that is recognized internationally. When one performs civil disobedience, one expects to receive the penalty. These are loyal Americans fighting for our rights. I have been there and spoke with them. Most would agree with this statement. They believe in God, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Sermon on the Mount. . They believe in the rights and RESPONSIBILITIES in ownership of private property, the rights of labor to bargain in good faith, and the rights of people of all races, genders and creeds to live in security and freedom. They are Americans exercising their rights of speech and assembly. An economic system that serves only one percent (1%) of the people is evil. The Constitution exists to “establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” They ask for the support of all American people.

    2. TeaPartyCrasher says:

      Thank God we have nazis like you to keep everyone in line.

  4. Nancy Pelosi in the Nude says:

    inspired by the fact they lost their jobs due to greed and mismanagement by corporations and the government, totally them buying iPhones, Foreign built cars like Ford and Chevy’s, investing on a million dollar home they can’t afford and not complaining when jobs are being sent overseas and asking for to much benefits has nothing to do with it…….. yup, blame others and things and illegal aliens for our worries,,, sure.

  5. Nancy Pelosi in the Nude says:

    And they all own an iPhone made in China by foreign workers, they all adore people like Steve Jobs who ran a company that is %99 not built in America, they adore foreign accents and people who can speak bad things about America. So how come there are more white people in the protest when there are more black people who actually lost their jobs and are going hungry, answer is, no one is going HUNGRY, OBESITY my fwend, OBESITY , Americans are FAT and will allways be FAT, we have nothing to complain about in this country, except complain about complainers 😀

    1. Sylar says:

      tf are you even talking about, stupid

  6. Nancy Pelosi in the Nude says:

    Show me a white person totally skin and bones and white baby crying with a bloated belly, a bloodied white guy limping cause he to beat up by the cops, maybe I’ll join you, so far I see healthy Fat white folks 😀 with an iPhone and a data plan costing $30 a month and a netflix subscription and drives a Land Rover 😀

    1. Fred says:

      you sound jealous

  7. DRno says:

    Send them to north Korea

  8. Creepy Liberals says:

    This 99% is Democrat talking points spread from the politburo to the lo-life protesters as what to say when asked by the media “why are you here?”….most of the dirty protesters shun cameras because they are on unemployment insurance checks and getting paid cash for joining the mob….also they have warrants or behind on their child support and don’t want to be identified….this “movement” is backfiring on Obama….normal people of both parties and especially independents are associating these bums with the Obama administration and it is turning people off…a bunch of CREEPS and even Democrats are cringing over this idiotic strategy….probably planned by David Plouffe and George Soros…..both gay activists.

    1. Phillip Moya says:

      The cameras are probably from fox news they people I see are very intelligent. People who see this country go down. Our credit rating going down. Our government tied up in gridlock. The congress going on vacation while the rest loss their jobs or their homes. Get you head out of the sand before it’s to late.

  9. The Blogger says:

    These protestors should all be on a bus to the White House.

    Afterall, Obama gave millions of dollars to the banks & basically, they just kept the money.

    Same with AIG…. Thanks Barak!

    Where are all of the solar jobs? What about clean coal technology?

    Oh yeah, what about propane power for our cars?

  10. Bob says:

    These occupiers are nothing more than a “Gang” hellbent on breaking the law. The reason these laws are written is to deal with crime in the parks after dark. I just love the way this Gang of law breakers change the list of what they are seeking, when they were exposed as total socialists they simply removed those demands from their ever changing list of demands.

    Not only should they be jailed for staying in the park after closing, they should also be jailed for conspiring to commit the crime in advance.

    Most of America stands with me in saying that we do not support this Gang nor do they support the beliefs of the majority of Americans.

    Most Americans will agree that they are not happy with the direction our nation has taken, but most also agree that this Gang of law breakers is not the answer we are looking for.

    1. kevin says:

      Bob…most of America does not agree with you. The vast majority are supportive. And Bob, even though you are not supportive, we will continue to fight for a society that is fair and equitable…for you too!

  11. Bryan Krenzin says:

    There are 1% attending Obama’s 35K-a-plate dinners, 1% ers in hollywood, 1% ers in sports (NBA specficially), 1% ers that that got bailout money at the auto companies (that went straight to unions), and there are even 1% ers at the white house. I love the way this group has singled out the portion of 1% ers that have the most possibility of being conservatives but left out all the 1%ers that are leftys.

  12. Morgan says:

    I have been spending a lot of time in the park these past four days, and would like to clarify a few things. We work very hard every night to clean up the park before we are forced to leave by city ordinance, try to take out our own trash regularly, and try to keep the restrooms stocked with our own supplies. Many, if not MOST of the people participating in this event actually have jobs, and can only be there certain days and/or certain hours on certain days. Half of the main information table is dedicated to allow anyone to leave and take information, where you can find a Tea Party magazine next to a socialist flyer. The 99% is a big tent, and we can find a great deal to agree on if we focus on one issue at a time. Please join us, we love you all!

  13. what a waste of time occupy sacto is says:

    Every single time I have to drive pass Chavez Park, I only see about 25 or so people out there.

    They might as well give the park back to its original settlers: the downtown winos and bums who use to hang out there and get drunk everyday while panhandling for some spare change. Where else are the winos and bums going to take their drunken naps and deficate at?

    1. Phillip Moya says:

      Twenty five it’s just a start this movement is bigger then you think. If each on brings just five then the numbers will grow. But it’s twenty five who don’t sit ideally by while everyone loses their home or job. We don’t have solutions yet but things happen when you get the numbers. You can sit back and wait for the 536 people in Washington to find solutions for the over 200 million people or you can join us.

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