Arrest Made In Cold Case Murder Of Father, Infant

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Four years after the brutal shooting deaths of a young Sacramento father and his infant son, Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies made an arrest in the case.

Deputies arrested Donald Ortez-Lucero Monday morning at a home in Oakland in connection with the 2007 shooting deaths of Sean Paul Aquitania Sr. and his 7-month-old son Sean Paul Jr.

Aquitania’s parents and the baby’s mother both issued hand-written statements to CBS13’s Ron Jones.

“I am so grateful this arrest has been made,” Monique Delacruz, Sean Jr.’s mother, wrote. “This is a day our family have been waiting for. Thanks to all who have assisted in this case.”

“At this time we are extremely happy about the arrest,” Sarah and Ferdinand Aquitania wrote in their statement. “We are grateful to the sheriff’s department and all the agencies who have been instrumental in making this day a reality.”

Detectives believe Aquitania drove with his son, Sean Paul Aquitania Jr., to a south Sacramento home to visit friends on Sept. 14, 2007.

“We know Mr. Lucero was on the scene of the crime,” said sheriff’s Detective Brian Meux. “We still definitely believe this was a home invasion robbery.”

Sean Aquitania and his son had just arrived at the home, not knowing what was going on inside.

“Sean and his son were just there at the wrong place at the wrong time trying to visit the people that live in the house,” Meux said.

Detectives say while baby Sean was still in his car seat, one of the suspects ran outside, opened the car door and shot the child at close range in the back of the head.

Surveillance tape captured someone running up with the baby and begging a school bus driver for help. It was too late.

Benny Garcia trained Aquitania in the boxing ring for years.

“I wish i can bring him back but I can’t,” Garcia said. “That was like my son too. He was a great friend and he was a great fighter and he was one of the most loyal friends I’ve ever had.”

Monday’s arrest came about through a combination of witness statements and DNA evidence, deputies said.

At the time of the shooting, Sacramento County deputies released descriptions of two suspects. They said Monday that Ortez-Lucero is a third suspect.

A neighbor told CBS13’s Checkey Beckford that Ortez-Lucero and other residents of the Oakland home where he was arrested Monday moved in a few months ago and kept to themselves.

A man who identified himself as Otrez-Lucero’s uncle said the suspect worked for him at a tire store in San Francisco until a week ago. He said he didn’t know of Ortez-Lucero’s arrest until CBS13 told him.

aquatania suspects Arrest Made In Cold Case Murder Of Father, InfantDeputies also released two composite sketches of one of the suspects. He was described as a light skinned male, possibly Hispanic or white, mid to late 20s, 5 feet, 9 inches tall, 180-220 pounds, and clean shaven except for a light-colored mustache. He was last seen wearing a green Oakland A’s baseball cap and a white pullover shirt with green sleeves and the word “Athletics” on the front.

A sketch of a second suspect was not made because he was wearing a mask. However, he was described as a black male in his mid to late 20s and 5-foot-10 to 6-foot-2. Authorities say he was wearing a multi-colored hooded sweatshirt, a possibly red and black baseball cap, and a multi-colored bandana on his face.

Deputies believe the second suspect may have been shot during the incident and may have been treated for a leg injury in San Francisco.


One Comment

  1. Richard Aguirre says:

    God work in mysterious ways!It took awhile but hopefully they got them cant wait to see these two piceis of trash hit the yard so real justice can be SERVED!
    God blees the Aquitania family and the mother of the baby


  2. chantel says:

    I’m so happy to hear this!!! I’ve prayed for the Aquitana for years. I was going through a lost of my own when I 1st saw the news report so this story has stuck with me. I’m so glad to know that God heard my prayer and the prayers of others!

  3. SV says:

    I am very glad to hear this news. I remember when I first heard the story, and was horrified. My thoughts go out to the family, and hope this brings a bit of closure. Godd bless you!

  4. Maria.Sanchez says:

    I remember seein this on Americas Most Wanted such a Sad story how can Anyone kill an innocent baby ….. Im so Happy to hear they caught this EVIL PERSON

  5. beto rodriguez says:

    I hope they have the right people, this is a shocker! who in the hell has the right mind to kill an innocent baby!

  6. Jennifer Matutis Aninion says:

    OMG! I’m so happy to hear this. Seriously, How can anyone kill an innocent baby and his father. These guys need to be on a death sentence.. It’s been 4 years since this tragic lost. My thoughts go out their family. And hope this gives them a lil bit of closure. May God Bless the AQUITANIA FAMILY!

    1. eden says:

      no sympathy for the father as he is hanging out with kwown drug dealers..
      the baby tho is another story..father probably isnt clean himself

      1. Renee Crawford says:

        Eden, you have no idea what you are talking about it, Sean was not on drugs, He was a trained fighter, he was a good father and husband and he gave his life for his baby. There were several people living in that house and he was really just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  7. Joshua Dobbin says:

    i knew sean sr. he was a good friend and an even better father. im so happy the family finally gets some justice

  8. R. S. Andrade says:

    Chinese used elephants to crush criminals skulls
    straighten out their thought process

  9. rmcsticks says:

    what kind of god puts people like this on earth…… just saying

    1. R. S. Andrade says:

      who said it was god that put this creature in our midst?

  10. Illegal Alien says:

    Another illegal alien…I’ll bet my next paycheck…how long do we have to put up with this B.S. Gov Brown?….I know you Democrats need the votes but don’t you think its time to deport illegal aliens…they are not all here to work…25% + of the prison population are illegal aliens …I really hate liberals for not securing our boarders and allowing criminals to come and go across our boarders,

  11. edwn says:

    Investigators say that in September 2007, Aquitania pulled up to a house in on Country Greens Court in Sacramento to show his infant son to his future godfather. According to reports, the occupants were known to sell drugs from the home, and Aquitania was aware of that fact but was not there to purchase any illegal substances. What Aquitania did not know, was that he had pulled up to the home just as it was about to be robbed.

    looks like the victim wasnt such a role model himself hanging out with drug dealers!! sorry the truth hurts!!! baby is the only innocent victim here

  12. on 1 says:

    I hope that they dont put him in protective custody when they lock him up. let the inmates deal with his ass

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