Grant starts off by playing a recorded message of all the new temporary numbers for listeners to call since the regular phone lines are down. Grant takes calls from listeners who want to get is thoughts on the NBA lockout, Jim Harbaugh, Alex Smith and the future of the Raiders without Al Davis.

Jim Gray joins the show to reflect on his friendship with Al Davis and shares personal stories about Al and remembers his life and they talk about his role in making the NFL what it is today and remains the number one pro sport in America.

Next, Chris Mannix from Sports Illustrated comes on to talk about the NBA lockout, what he thinks of the first two weeks of the season being canceled so far and the latest from the NBA owner meetings.

After that, Raiders head coach Hue Jackson comes on for his weekly segment with Grant and shares his feelings about the death of owner Al Davis this weekend. Coach also recaps Sundays road win against Houston and previews this weeks match up with Cleveland at home.

Next, David Aldridge from TNT and comes on the show to discuss the impact of losing games and possibly the season will do to the NBA and how hard it will be to recover and get fans back if a season is lost.

To close the show, Adrian Wojnarowski from Yahoo sports talks about the NBA lockout, and the timeline for owners and players to reach an agreement and start the season as soon as possible.


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