Unexpected twists and turns have always shaped the course of my life, so it should have been no surprise when another one appeared recently. Funny though…this one had a twist of social media serendipity I’ve never experienced. Here’s how it played out: my husband wrote a blog about leadership and then tweeted the link to his blog. An industry colleague who follows his tweets retweeted it and added “‘Anyone wanting my job…needs to understand this”. That prompted my husband to tweet back and ask if he was leaving his position. The return tweet came with a question: why don’t you apply?

Three and a half weeks later, my husband was offered a dream job… It’s not a done deal yet but it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. One that would require we move. Surprised? So was I. But I was excited from the get-go. Frankly, my husband and I are both adventure junkies. No, not the kind who lives for rock-climbing. We are those people who just can’t get enough of traveling and learning and challenging ourselves to grow. That sense of adventure and curiosity is what brought us to Northern California and we’ve loved every second we’ve spent here. In order to have this experience, my husband creatively configured his job to make the move here possible. Now it’s my turn to support him.

My kids were frankly shocked by the news too. Then excited. Then sad. We are working through all the emotions together. At least for my younger son, this is the only place he remembers calling “home”. He keeps asking “do we have to move?”. My answer is truthful – reflective of my personal philosophy. It’s a choice, but we believe there are choices in life we are compelled to make. When things fall into place almost magically and a road opens up in front of you, it’s a clear sign to follow where it leads.

That answer doesn’t really satisfy a 10-year old boy. And it may not satisfy some who are reading this. But, life is about change…and learning how to embrace it. That’s a topic I speak about a lot.  Now, I’ll have a new story to add as explanation.

Through this all, though, there is one element that is the most important to me. I will have time with my children. My career has been exciting and rewarding and, especially when I was supporting the entire family, necessary. I am grateful for it. However, the hardest part about it has been time away from the ones I love. Precious time. At night, tucking in the kids…on holidays, leaving my family at the time most gather together and celebrate. Even the hum drum activities, like helping with homework. That is time I won’t get back, but I cannot wait to claim it now. My oldest is 13 – I only have a few more years left. And, I’m hoping the novelty of having me at home will counteract a little of the expected teenage apathy or more challenging, attitude,  toward their parents. Fingers crossed.

Moving forward, I am happy that saying goodbye these days doesn’t mean dropping out of sight. Thanks to facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn, I keep in touch with colleagues and friends from all the places I’ve lived – from England to Michigan. That won’t change. If you follow me on facebook, make sure you stay in touch there. I intend to post my pictures and blogs chronicling my adventures. So stay tuned…more news later!

Comments (12)
  1. The Blogger says:

    Hate to see you go.

    Talk about a Class act. Beauty, brains & a true professional.

    Wishing you the best.

    Miss your smile already!

    The Blogger….


  2. Karen A. Thompson says:

    My selfish reaction is “Noooooo!” You’ve made the news a lot of fun and I’ll miss seeing you on my TV every night at 10. Good luck and have a ton of fun with the kids and whatever lies ahead!

  3. Pallas says:

    I appreciate your kind comments more than you know. I promise to stay in touch on facebook – facebook.com/pallashupe – thank you!

  4. Ran Slaten says:

    Thousands of people are going to miss your elegant presence, however, your decision is awesome…..especially for your boys who need their mom during these years of their lives. Let us know if you need us to ship you a Christmas tree. 😉
    Best of everything waiting for you in you new life. Thanks for being.

  5. Greene Consulting says:

    Look forward to hearing more on you adventurer ..

  6. Chris and David says:

    Sorry to see you go, but we are excited for you and your new adventure ahead. Good Luck. Will miss you on the news.

  7. Vicki Morin says:

    Pallas,as a child,I moved around a lot because of my dad,who was a pilot in the US Air Force.I’m the veteran of 42 moves in my life.Your son will experience so many things and it will give him an education he could never get out of a book.My suggestion to you is teach him some geography as you move around.Many was the time I was enrolled in a new school but had to move because orders were orders.Set his sights on all the scenery he will see and you can teach history as you go along.Congratulations to your husband.I’ll miss you on channel 13,though.I watch the news on channel 13 first thing in the morning,and all through the day until the last broadcast at 10pm.Let us know how your family is settling in.

  8. Mary Johnson Wilkinson says:

    You’re a wonderful lady who will be missed. I enjoyed watching CBS13 News since you and Sam began anchoring. You most definitely are a class act. You’re doing the right thing, love your philosophy. I wish your family many happy adventures and much happiness always.

  9. Barbara Jones says:

    I am sad tonight since I hadn’t heard the news of you leaving. You’ve delivered the news in such a dignified and sincere way.
    In my opinion, you are the best! Enjoy the times with your boys and as you explained, the years fly by and cannot be recaptured. From experience, I know that those years with my two sons were the best time of my life! Good luck….you will be missed!

  10. Matt Brian Dixon says:

    Pallas: You know how I feel but I will say again that I wish you and your family nothing but the best in the future.

    See you later 🙂

  11. Paula M Rushford says:

    I will miss,
    you but you have to do what is in your heart. There’s no greater gift than time with the ones you love. If you can get the time grab it and don’t waist a second of it. As a mother of two grown kids I can tell you that this time with your children goes by so fast. I regret the time I worked and wasn’t there as my kids were growing up. So I wish you and your family wonderful days ahead!

  12. Justin says:

    I am 24 years old, have watched you and Sam for a very long time. One time I called in for a viewers voice and you actually said my name before my voice clip haha. I am here right now because I was wondering where you wen’t and what happened to you as I have been out of the area for awhile. So I got on Google and your Blog wasn’t hard to find. I’m very happy for you and your family and I thank you for bringing a smile to my face. I wish you guys all the best of luck and I will definitely be keeping an eye out to see what’s in store.

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