SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – About 200 protesters began marching from the foot Market Street in San Francisco’s Financial District Wednesday morning for an anti-Wall Street rally and march to highlight a number of issues including foreclosures and unemployment.

An initial group of marchers headed to California and Montgomery St. where they blocked the entrance to Wells Fargo bank headquarters at 420 Montgomery St.

The group gathered at Market and Drumm streets at 7 a.m. Some protesters held signs reading “Foreclose Wall Street,” “Stop the corporate greed,” and “We are the 99 percent.”

San Francisco Supervisor John Avalos, who is running for mayor, was among them and addressed the crowd.

“I welcome your fight and I join you in the effort,” he said.

They began marching shortly after 7:30 a.m.

The march is organized by a number of groups including Causa Justa Just Cause, Unite Here Local 2850, the California Partnership, Young Workers United and the Chinese Progressive Association.

The groups stated in a press release that they want banks to pay their fair share of taxes and be held accountable for their role in causing the economic crisis.

They say they are rallying in solidarity with the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, which has sparked protests across the country.

In San Francisco’s version, “Occupy SF,” protesters have been camping out in front of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco at Market and Spear streets.

As the crowd gathered for the march Wednesday morning, dozens of “Occupy SF” protesters remained in their sleeping bags on the sidewalk, some of them still asleep.

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  1. Tapestry says:

    Isn’t that cute let’s stop ‘corporate greed’ maybe we should stop people from being so selfish they clog streets in SF and make people who want to go to work and buy food for their family late to work instead?
    What a bunch of nimrods. The financial district people can work very well from home its called tele-commuting these selfish bunch of protesters are only hurting hard working people let’s get them off the damn streets and back to Berekley where they belong!

  2. Dante M Carpino says:

    time to get out the firehoses .

  3. Paulson says:

    Can’t say I agree with preventing the rights of others to pass … or enter their work place. I hear a lot of comments from the Occupy side about their right to assemble? What about the other person’s right to pass?

    They also say their “one message” is to stop corporate greed in politics … and while that seems like a clear message … just curious? Do you abide by that practice? Or is the “Occupy” movement taking money from anyone like say … the Democratic National Committee? Or George Soros? Or Unions like the ALF-CIO, or the UAW or SEIU?

    Or is your message more of the type “you can’t do it, but we can”? We can assemble, but you can’t pass. You can’t take corporate money, but we can.

    I’m not saying corporate finances in government hasn’t gotten out of proportion. I liked the one humorist who thought Congress should were NASCAR type coveralls … so we could clearly see who all of their sponsors were.

    But I am saying it seems like the pot calling the kettle black … when it is clear that your movement is one, political in nature (fact) … and two, you don’t seem to have a problem with accepting large donations from influencing groups or organization (fact).

    If you are going to be true to these points … you need to live by them as well, otherwise you are just as guilty as those you stand against.

  4. JetManJR says:

    The point is, No more of the corrupt government and business policy… Nimrods

    1. Paulson says:

      But the corrupt government and union policy stuff is still okay right? That must be why they are only “occupying” and picketing businesses … instead of including Capitol buildings and Union Headquarters in their protests. Afterall Chrysler received that evil Government bail out … but then the Government just gave the UAW 30% ownership of the company in the bailout deal. Government to Business deal bad. Government to Union deal … what??? But then “Nimrods” aren’t supposed to point out that hypocrisy … are they.
      Maybe you better check and see what George Soros says your message is …

  5. Clip says:

    I love how all supporters only know how to call people Nimrods, when defending their point. Not much substances there. Do you know what a Nimrod is anyway? A mighty hunter.

    1. Paulson says:

      Actually, there are three common definitions of the word … and based on how the poster is using it, I doubt they intended the first or second versions …

      Compliments of Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online
      Definition of NIMROD
      1 : a descendant of Ham represented in Genesis as a mighty hunter and a king of Shinar
      2 : not capitalized: hunter
      3 : not capitalized slang: idiot, jerk

      But then, they probably aren’t even aware of the other definitions for the word either.

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