MARYSVILLE (CBS13) — The highly anticipated “Battle of the Bell” football game was cancelled Friday night due to vandalism against the visiting high school’s campus.

The Marysville Police Department said they were called out to Marysville High School after officials found derogatory slogans spray painted in multiple locations on campus. The vandals may also have smeared fecal matter on one of the campus buildings.

Investigators identified at least 8 students from Lindhurst High School who were allegedly responsible for the damage, and say those students could face suspension or misdemeanor vandalism charges.

Marysville was scheduled to play at Lindhurst for the “Battle of the Bell” Friday night, but Lindhurst officials decided to forfeit the game due to the incident.

The police investigation into the vandalism will continue on Monday, officials said.

Comments (5)
  1. No brain matter just..... says:

    Fecal Matter

  2. human says:

    why would you cancel the game because of 8 students?

  3. redneckwriter says:

    If the football team was responsible for the damage, then the team should forfeit the rest of the season as well. Now that would be punishment.

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