SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Demonstrators marched peacefully to the Capitol on Saturday as part of the global “Occupy” protests, but activists said they expected to be arrested when authorities close down the park after midnight.

Hundreds of protesters, including anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, marched from Cesar Chavez Park to the steps of the Capitol during the day to denounce corporate greed and Wall Street.

Marchers went back to the park in the late afternoon, promising to remain throughout the night despite threats of arrest after midnight.

Dozens of demonstrators have been arrested over the past week and a half after they refused to stop their “occupation” of the park late at night. Despite petitions to city officials this week, the demonstrations are unlikely to be granted an exemption to Sacramento’s overnight camping ordinances.

“I’m going to sit down, and many people have come up to me and said they’re going to join me tonight,” Sheehan said. “We’ll just see how the police respond.”

The “Occupy Wall Street” protests in New York City went global over the weekend, prompting demonstrations in cities across the world.

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  1. JB says:

    How much tax money are we spending to pay for police to arrest people because they want to sit in a park all night. I say if they aren’t hurting others, then let them sit in the park. We need to stop wasting tax money to silence people that want to speak out for what they believe in.

  2. Rent A Mob says:

    It’s a rent-a-mob ..organized by liberals to divert attention from the total failure of the Obama administration…all a bunch of losers who stink….hippie wanna be..nobody cares what they think … GOP Landslide in 2012

    1. supporter says:

      because making provocative statements is cool and makes you sound legitimate. Last i checked peaceful assembly is guaranteed in the constitution, guess that doesnt apply if you dont agree with the message

  3. xxroaddog says:

    Cindy Sheehan?? Really?? I thought we had seen the last of her. Any opportunity to be in the spotlight. Pathetic.

  4. Whitey says:

    Do these uneducated, unemployed maggots even know what it is they’re protesting?

    1. prejudice says:

      you have a lot of hate there for people who dont agree with you. you should work on that

  5. Jackson says:

    Why does this seem like it’s the early stages of something that has happened before in history … hmmm … Occupy … ahhh … Occupy Holland, Occupy Poland, Occupy France … yep, now it sounds a lot more familiar.

    1. Dude says:

      That’s a rather harsh reference to the late 1930’s and Germany. The big difference being that the current Occupy movement doesn’t seem to have a leader, yet. But then again, the sheep in our generation’s Occupy movement are ready for one, so watch out.

  6. George says:

    Anti government
    anti wall street

    She’s an anarchist. and an insult to her dead boy’s memory (may he rest in peace).

    All she wants is to scream out how much she hurts since her boy died. She is living in the shadow of his memory. and failing.

    Someone should get her a companion dog, or maybe show her how many foster kids need help. Maybe then she can find some peace; being a mom again.

  7. Obama nation says:

    Cindy Sheehan’s son must be looking down with disgust at her. She just lives to be in the spotlight. A left wing liberal loon…………….

  8. Barbara Garcia says:

    These comments are so sad and bitter. I’m more than grateful for these people who are speaking out, not following a leader as you so wisely pointed out but speaking their own minds and expressing their own objections to an America not run by “THE PEOPLE” but controlled by BIG MONEY. President Obama has tried very hard to turn that around but as we have learned the Republican mouth speaks with ONE HEAD and the money machine is very powerful. Their goal is to stop that process and continue on their merry plan of preventing any progress toward creating jobs and making sure that all Americans have access to healthcare and a decent education for their kids. I think these Tea Party patriots ought to open their eyes and take a good look at what is really going on, they have lost control and the American People are speaking loudly and their discontent is not spoken with a singular message and orchastrated by leaders who tell them what to think and NOT to think. The Republicans have chanted over and over, The American people have spoken” after the last election but… guess what…. it’s obvious the Republicans got very organized and voted in mass with one corporate brain telling them what to do but if you open up your ears, you’d see.. the American PEOPLE are speaking now.

  9. As a U.S. Navy veteran, voter and taxpayer I participated in the 99% protest march on the State Capitol. The people who were there were also ordinary citizens who have jobs or lost jobs, who own home that have been devalued, or lost their homes, vote and pay taxes. We all realize that the govt bailed out Wall St and sold out Main St.
    Us veterans fought for the Constitutional rights of ALL cititzens to protest and have Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly. These 99% protestors, just like the Tea Party protesters , are true American patriots for speaking out against the govt and the corporations that own our Congress and Legislature. Turn off the Fox News propaganda and go out and join the 99% protest to save our country.
    The 5 wars we are in right now are only adding to the bankruptcy of the country.
    The wasted billions ,4000 lives and 44,000 seriously wounded troops are not
    improving our economy. We want our country back and we want our government back. Global corporations with American sounding names are not creating jobs in America.. Their profits are being invested in China and Brazil not in jobs in Sacramento.
    Small business creates jobs in America. We support small business and what is good for American citizens. The protesters and all Sacramento residents pay the salaries of the City Council and the police .So using a public park, named after Cesar Chavez, a protestor himself, should be OK. . Speak out for your rights as an American!

  10. Hypocrits and Losers says:

    While I respect their right to protest, I have no respect for their violations of other peoples rights. I have the right to walk those same streets and parks, when you prevent me from doing that you violate my rights … and that I do not respect and will gladdly knock you on you tail if you try to again.

    I just can’t help but wonder when the American Dream changed to …
    – Raise someone else’s taxes
    – Give me what you have because I want it
    – Because we’re the mob, and we said so

    When did “equal opportunity” change to “redistribute the wealth”?
    When did “hard work” and “success” and “capitalism” become negative words?

    That’s what bothers me.

    The bail outs were not capitalism … not to the banks, not to the auto industry.
    The rules they followed, and the bailouts they were promised by Congress were not capitalism. Capitalism did not fail here … Congress did.

    Over 80 banks have been closed by the government this year alone because of their bad business practices. Yet you march on Wall Street? Why aren’t these same groups parked in front of Capital Buildings? Why aren’t they mad at the politicians?

    Because they want the government to be their nanny. The want the govenment to be their union and provide all their needs. Because they want their government to take it away from those who have it and redistribute to them. No matter the cost … whatever it takes to satisfy their greed.

    Why do businesses move jobs overseas? Could it be because the American worker has lost perspective? Wanting high pay for low skill work? For wanting huge retirement packages to retire at 50? America is supposed to be about a fairs days wage for a fair days work … not what some union shops bullies the employer into paying. It’s so ironic that so many states are passing “anti-bully” laws for school age kids … why no for everyone … then mobs like this would have to behave, unions wouldn’t be able to throw threats around as easily, Congress wouldn’t be able to force other members to vote against their wills.

    Heer’s the bad news for all those people … the Constituion says … “Life, Liberty and the PURSUIT of Happyness” … look up the definition of pursuit some time … it has no shared meaning with “entitlement” … none.

  11. BILL CLINTON i did inhale says:


  12. me says:

    Look people the new democrat party on display for all to see..

  13. me says:

    ” THE RICH NEED SLAVES” so you think the government should regulate how much Money you make? THAT IS COMMUNISM and that makes you a……………………

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