ESCALON (CBS13) — Authorities combed through a corn field overnight after a dead woman was found in rural San Joaquin County on Saturday.

San Joaquin County Sheriff’s investigators said a farmer located human remains near Lone Tree Road and Sexton Road, a few miles outside Escalon.

County investigators turned the case over the Stockton Police Department due to the ongoing search for 23-year-old Dalene Carlson, a woman who was last spotted at a Stockton bar and supermarket on August 7.

Authorities have searched a wide area of land near the Calaveras River and other parts of San Joaquin County, but have not yet determined what happened to Carlson.

Investigators have not released details about any potential connections between Saturday’s discovery and Carlson’s disappearance.

Comments (6)
  1. Lisa Dorman says:

    Wow I hope it’s not that Lady that went missing from the bar.

  2. Chris Webber Jr. says:

    Black In America

  3. Sophia41 says:

    They need to investigate a certain “corporate pilot” from Stockton…he has a LONG HISTORY of abusing women and his brother in law is in prison for an unrelated murder…JSH are the initials…I am sure some people will know EXACTLY to whom I am referring.

  4. jackie says:

    This should be a warning to females to stay out of bars unless they are with”many” friends and stay together and never leave your friends to go out the door with someone you have just met there, ever. The remains are probably Dalenes.

  5. James Petty Jr says:

    How can people be so evil?…

  6. for the people says:

    I dont know why someone would hurt her. She was a good looking chick. Whoever killed or hurt her is a piece of sh#t.

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