SACRAMENTO (AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown has issued a proclamation declaring Sunday as Steve Jobs Day in California.

In issuing the proclamation Saturday, the governor wrote that the products that Jobs introduced “changed the way the entire world communicates.”

The commemoration comes the same day Apple is planning a memorial for Jobs at Stanford University. The Wall Street Journal reports invitations have gone out to Silicon Valley luminaries and other people close to Jobs.

Apple tells the newspaper that the Sunday evening event is private.

Jobs, who co-founded Apple Inc. and was the mastermind behind popular gadgets such as the iPhone and the iPad, died Oct. 5 at age 56 after struggling for years with pancreatic cancer.

The journal reports a small private funeral was held a week ago.

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Comments (8)
  1. Kat says:

    OMG! Ok yes he help change the way the world communicates, however IMO not always a good thing. Other people have done great feats and battled cancer, died, wheres their day?

  2. Justsaying says:

    Steve Jobs was a great Inventor, my only question once the money and the inventions rolled on we have to look at his continued choices. He chose non Americans to do the factory work, he chose slave labor, horrible conditions for children,workers in a slave capacity by communist China. China got rich as America fell. A true American would have gave the jobs to Americans and regardles at least chose a country that did not enslave it’s people to provide the world with electronics. Once a Priest takes advantage of children no one is saying how happy they are this person was a priest and the Parents probably would not be so fond of the churches leader. So a man who started out great actually caused harm, and death to the people of a country for profit. Not sure if that is a guy to have a day for in California the most racial mixed state in the US. I understand Corporations are “for profit” but when is enough enough.

    1. ROB says:


  3. Sayitaintso says:

    Hank Jr was booted from ESPN/Disney for making a comment “freedom of speech” regardles of how studid the comment was. How can an American who hired chinas govt “state owned factorys in China” in effect is the employer or the cause for children as young as 8 to be enslaved on 16 hour shifts in the most horrid conditions be given a day in California. So remember a man for what he is worth and what he made but not what his actions contributed to…Including the pain and suffering beyond that of Americas jails in the name of profit…

  4. Whitey says:

    So we’re IDOLIZING now?

  5. Cane Pazzo says:

    Give me a GD break. Jobs was in this for the money from the get go. He may be properly credited with some marketplace innovation, but it was to move product. He was not out to save the world. We’re all sure he was out trying to save himself.

    Employees at Apple were afraid to ride the elevator with him for fear of not saying the right thing and finding themselves terminated at the end of the day.

    So Governor Moon Beam please direct your attention to the problems facing California.

  6. paid holidays rock says:

    Typical Brownie thing just the beginning of many more to come, he and the state employees union want to make slaves of the California citizens, now whats the matter with that I ask, what is the matter with that. If ya don’t like it move to the Aussie outback. Besides this will be another paid holiday for state workers, boy I used to love those desisions when I worked at city hall, bring on more days off with pay, loveum

  7. The Blogger says:

    Gov Brown needs to focus on the economy, jobs & rebuilding California.


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