SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The woman killed in a late night shooting Friday is considered to be an innocent bystander, according to authorities.

Family members said they are still reeling from the shock of learning that 22-year-old Carrie McCullough was shot and killed while attending a barbeque at a friend’s home on Della Circle.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department said two men, described as Asian males wearing white bandanas and white hats, opened fire from down the block.

Investigators aren’t sure who the suspects meant to shoot, but say they are almost completely certain McCullough was not the target.

Chelsea Burgess, who was soon to be Carre’s mother-in-law, said the lifelong Placer County resident was a dedicated mother to her three-year-old daughter and a good friend to everyone she knew.

“Those guys should know that they took a mother away from her child,” Burgess said.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Department.

Comments (8)
  1. rmcsticks says:

    find them , dont tell the cops and kill them,,, no one will miss them , not even ther mothers. what trash !

  2. moonlightowl7 says:

    Again, South Sacramento….get it. I just wonder when Police and the city will.

  3. Mace says:

    R.I.P. Carrie!!! This is so sad these days, u can’t even go next door, without getting killed. SMDH! I hope these goons are apprehended and get the death penalty for randomly shooting at people.

  4. ashlytaylor says:

    that was my cousin i miss her so much and its so sad i didnt even get to say goodbye everyone should live each day like its their last and expect nothing more because you will never know what will happen my family has to stay strong for her because we know that is what she would want and her husband layne and daughter leah have to be strong too its sad . she was really loved and will be missed by so many </3

    1. Jim Beeding says:


      my heart goes out to your family and my prayers are with them all

      1. ashlytaylor says:

        thanks very much we all just have to keep our heads up and be strong she will be in many hearts and will be missed very much she has changed a lot of peoples lives ❤

  5. CB says:


    1. Tammy says:

      Im her mother and no words could describe the pain. Its too intense i miss her laugh, her smile, her intelligance, and her calls. I just wanna take her place.

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